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Hackers from China have allegedly been at the forefront of recent hacking incidents witnessed in the USA amid growing tensions between Washington and Beijing.

On the 16th of December, the United States government released a statement that hackers affiliated to the governments of China, North Korea, and Turkey have moved to exploit a severe vulnerability in software used by major technology companies throughout the world.

Experimentation with the flaw, integration into established hacking tools, and “exploitation against targets to meet the actor’s aims” are among the activities carried out by foreign hacker groups, as reported by CNN.

A software vulnerability has recently been discovered, according to the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and this could compromise hundreds of millions of devices worldwide.

In response to the threat, CISA has instructed all federal and civilian entities to upgrade their software. The vulnerability is in the Java-based program “Log4j,” which is used by enterprises all over the world to log data in their applications. From Cisco to Amazon Web Services to IBM, the list of vulnerable software vendors reads like a who’s who of tech behemoths. Despite the fact that US officials are on high alert as a result of the software weakness, Eric Goldstein, a senior CISA officer, told the media that there was no proof that federal networks had been hacked using this vulnerability.

Earlier this year The United States, the United Kingdom, and their allies publicly blamed the Microsoft Exchange intrusion on Chinese government actors, accusing the Chinese government of a wide range of “malicious cyber actions,” intensifying tensions between the White House and Beijing. According to this coalition of nations, the Chinese government is behind several harmful ransomware, data theft, and cyber-espionage assaults against public and commercial businesses, including the massive Microsoft Exchange compromise earlier this year. The attack was attributed to China by Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, and NATO, marking it the first time that the North American-European alliance has condemned China’s cyber actions, according to a senior Biden administration official.

As per a public statement from the European Union, the declaration was added to a long list of disagreements between the US and China, including economic, military, and political concerns. Between 2011 and 2018, the United States prosecuted four Chinese citizens linked with the Ministry of State Security for hacking into the computer systems of dozens of firms, colleges, and government institutions in the United States and internationally. The indictment claimed that the hackers had also targeted Ebola vaccine development among other things.

China’s policymakers were further taken aback by the US administration’s decision to keep tariffs set by former President Donald Trump in place, as well as it’s backing for reopening an investigation into how the Covid-19 outbreak began — and if it originated in a Wuhan lab. The United States hopes to demonstrate how China’s Ministry of State Security deploys criminal contract hackers to undertake unsanctioned cyber operations throughout the world, including for personal gain, in a report recently published.

China has always maintained that it is a victim of cyberattacks rather than a perpetrator. The National Security Agency, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation detailed more than 50 tactics used by Chinese state-sponsored cyber hackers to attack US and allied networks, including spear-phishing emails with malicious attachments, exploitation of public-facing applications, and drive-by compromise, as part of this program.

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