US spies are investigating mystery ‘satellite sabotage attack’ that began as Russia invaded Ukraine | #government | #hacking | #cyberattack

A CYBER ATTACK that disrupted broadband satellite access in Ukraine is being investigated by US intelligence agencies.

Western spies are said to be trying to identify the hackers that conducted the attack at the same time as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


The cyberattack affected how people in Ukraine could communicate when Russia invadedCredit: Getty

According to IT News, “three people with direct knowledge” of the attack revealed the investigation.

Investigators include the US National Security Agency, French cyber security firm ANSSI and Ukrainian intelligence.

They’re trying to find out whether the hackers were supported by the Russian government.

Experts have suggested the satellites were attacked so that it was difficult for Ukraine’s military to communicate during the initial Russian invasion.

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The Russian invasion started in the early hours of February 24.

The cyberattacks coincided with this.

Tens of thousands are people were said to be affected by the lack of broadband.

US telecommunications company Viasat saw its KA-SAT satellite targetted.

This affected European modems which connect with this satellite for internet access.

Many of them need to be reprogrammed.

According to Reuters, some of them still remain offline.

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Viasat is also a defense contractor for the US so the cyber attack is concerning for many reasons.

Viasat has acknowleged the attack but hasn’t given a public explanation.

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