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Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken a tough stance on Friday for a summit meeting with US President Joe Biden.

Putin will speak at the Economic Forum in St. Petersburg and discuss issues with Mr. Biden at the June 16 summit in Geneva on arms control, global conflict and the coronavirus pandemic. Said that there is climate change.

“We need to find a way to seek a reconciliation between the two countries, which is currently at a very low level,” Putin said.

“There is nothing wrong with the United States,” he continued. “But that’s a problem for us. It wants to contain our development and speaks publicly about it. Depending on economic restrictions and the forces we consider to be allies within Russia, our country. Attempts to influence the domestic politics of Russia have arisen from it. “

He said he hoped the talks would help ease tensions with Washington. Russia-US relations were that Moscow merged Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in 2014, the United States and other western sides. It has sunk to post-Crimean levels over criticism of Russia’s intervention in elections in countries and cyber attacks that US officials claim to have originated in Russia.

Putin reiterated that Russia has refused to blame for interference with the U.S. presidential election, as Congress prepares to prove that Mr Biden defeated President Donald Trump in the November presidential election. He critically spoke of the US response to the attack on the Capitol.

“They weren’t just robbers and mobs. They came with political demands,” he said.

Putin pointed out that despite the United States and its allies strongly criticizing the crackdown on Belarus’ anti-government protests, heavy charges were filed against hundreds of people who participated in the attack. And while he criticized Russian authorities for his harsh response to anti-Kremlin protests, European protesters faced even harsher police responses, and he was “democratic.” “Rubber bullet” mock mock mock I was struck by what I called with a laugh.

Putin added in another comment on Russia’s state television channel 1 that he did not expect any progress from the summit with Biden, but said, “We will take further steps to normalize relations between Russia and the United States. He added that he hopes to help “create the conditions to take.”

He described Mr. Biden as “a very experienced politician who has been involved in politics throughout his life, a very cautious and cautious person. I hope the talks will be positive,” Putin said. Told.

He also bitterly de de de laughed at allegations of Russian hackers’ involvement in US pipelines and meat factories that clouded the mood before the summit.

“I hope people understand that there is no malicious activity in Russia.” “I’ve heard something about meat factories. — Totally nonsense. We all know that. I understand that it’s ridiculous. Pipeline? It’s ridiculous as well. “

“US special services should track people seeking ransom. It’s not Russia that robs certain companies of money. We don’t deal with chicken or beef. It’s totally ridiculous.” Said.

He argues that the hacking accusations were swept away by people “trying to create a new conflict before the meeting with Biden,” and parts of the United States suspect Russia’s involvement in hacking. I added a positive comment.

“This means that there are people in American society, the media, and the political class who want to find a way to restore relations between the United States and Russia,” he said.

On other issues, Putin praised his country’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and called for a stronger global response to global warming to strengthen Russia’s international status.

President Putin addressed the forum, praising the efficiency of Russia-designed vaccines and lamenting a “political motivated ban” on purchases in some countries.

Last year, Russia boasted that it had approved the coronavirus vaccine for the first time in the world, but since then it has been slow to hit the public. The slow pace of vaccination is partly due to public skepticism about vaccines in controversial signals from authorities.

Experts question whether Russia can meet the government’s goal of vaccination of more than 30 million of the 146 million people in the country by mid-June and nearly 69 million by August. Yes.

President Putin again urged Russians to act swiftly to vaccinate, and said he would invite foreigners to vaccinate Russia and instruct the government to promote it.

He also emphasized the need to strengthen the international response to climate change, noting that the thawing of permafrost poses a major challenge to Russia’s Arctic region.

“We have the entire city built on permafrost,” he said. “What if everything starts to melt?”

Putin said the laying of the first two pipes of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in Germany would be completed and the construction would be completed by welding alone. He said the second line would soon follow.

The U.S. strongly opposes the construction of the Russian pipeline, but the Biden administration last month chose not to punish the German company overseeing the project, but announced new sanctions on Russian companies and ships. Kremlin welcomed this as a “positive signal” prior to the Putin-Bayden summit.

Russian leaders welcomed the project as economically feasible compared to the existing pipeline via Ukraine and criticized Ukraine and the West for being designed to rob Kiev of transportation costs. Rejected.

Putin said Russia could pump 40 billion cubic meters of gas annually via Ukraine in line with its existing five-year contract, and if Ukraine shows “good faith”, it can continue after it expires. It was.

Russia and Ukraine are trapped in a tense tug of war with the support of the 2014 Crimean Peninsula annexation and separatist forces in eastern Ukraine.

President Putin recalled that the United States was using the dollar as a political weapon, saying, “The use of the dollar as a tool for competition and political struggle undermines the role of the dollar as a world reserve currency. I have. “

Russia said Thursday that it would completely remove the US dollar from the National Wealth Fund and convert dollar-denominated assets into euros, yuan and gold. Russia is facing US sanctions amid tensions between Washington and its allies and has long been moving towards reducing the dollar’s share of foreign exchange reserves.

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