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The report says MuddyWater is ‘a subordinate element within the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security’

United States Cyber Command issued a report publicly linking prominent hacker group “MuddyWater” to Iran’s government for the first time on Wednesday.

Industry experts in the past have attributed cyber attacks on several nations throughout the Middle East to MuddyWater – the group reportedly targeted government networks in Iraq, Turkey, and Jordan in a months-long hacking campaign starting in 2019. 

They also attempted to strike a number of targets in North America and Iran, according to the Cyber Command announcement.

Cyber Command said that MuddyWater acts as “a subordinate element within the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS),” and published a list of malware samples used by its hackers to help organizations identify if they were targeted by Tehran.

The agency warned that if organizations found “two or more of these malware (samples)” on their network, then they could be victims of a MuddyWater cyber attack.

A representative from Cyber Command did not clarify whether the newly-disclosed hacking tools were recently leveraged against US institutions when asked for a comment by CNN.

The agency report explained that Iran’s MOIS “conducts domestic surveillance to identify regime opponents,” citing a July 2021 report from the US public policy institute Congressional Research Service.

“It also surveils anti-regime activists abroad through its network of agents placed in Iran’s embassies.”

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