Urgent warning issued to every PureGym customer over scam | #socialmedia

Every PureGym customer has been urgently warned over a new scam message doing the rounds.

PureGym has circulated a warning via its social media channels on Tuesday over a new fraudulent scam message being sent to victims.

On Twitter today, PureGym confirmed: “Scam Alert: We have been informed of a scam text offering 3 months free membership that is claiming to be from PureGym.

“This is fraudulent and has not been sent by us. If you receive this message please delete and ignore.”

The warning from the gym chain follows a rise in fraudulent texts and scam calls to unwitting Brits.

Earlier this week, Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis took to his social media platforms to share advice on how to deal with scams.

Mr Lewis – who appears on ITV1 daytime TV shows regularly and also boasts his own ITV1 shows too, like the Martin Lewis Money Show and Extreme Savers, told Twitter users: “SCAMBUSTER TO BOOKMARK & SHARE Texted a scam/spam?”

He then advised followers: “Forward to 7726 inc number. Don’t reply ‘stop’ it just tells em ur real Emailed a scam? Forward to report@phishing.gov.uk. Scam call? Report to @actionfrauduk 0300 123 2040.”

Mr Lewis then asked: “Been/being scammed need help?” and linked to MSE’s handy guide on dealing with scam texts and calls.

Recently, scam texts and calls have been on the rise amid a worrying trend of fraudsters and callous scammers attempting to cash in on the ongoing public health crisis and ongoing Covid 19 pandemic.

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