Urgent warning as Amazon scams run rampant – here’s how you can take action and protect your data | #phishing | #scams

ONLINE scammers are impersonating Amazon and using phishing emails in hopes of getting your account information.

Internet swindlers are using every trick they can in order to acquire your personal account data. If a user falls victim to the scamming tactics, their private information could be compromised.


Online scammers are impersonating Amazon and using phishing emails in hopes of getting your account informationCredit: Getty


There are many different tactics that scammers use to obtain personal date that doesn’t belong to them.

One such way involves the online swindlers masquerading as Amazon officials attempting to contact the user due to their Amazon account suddenly being compromised.

The scammers take the ruse further when they ask the target to buy a gift card and provide them with the PIN number to the gift card.

This way, they maintain the whole gift card ruse by telling the user that it’s a method used by Amazon to verify that you are the definite holder of the account.


Another duplicitous method the scammers employ involves fraudulent Amazon refunds.

The scammer will tell the user that they are qualified for a refund from Amazon.

If you fall for it, the scammer will obtain your private bank account information.

While they have a hold of your bank data, they move the money from your savings to your checkings.

This way, the Internet swindlers can make it look like you have received the Amazon refund, by moving money from your savings account to your checking account.

After completing the savings to checking transfer, the online impersonators will then tell you that they accidentally deposited too much into your account.

In a nefarious trick, they will then ask you to send the money back. When the whole time, you just gave away free money from your own bank account.


In order to not fall prey to these horrible schemes, the FTC has provided some helpful tips to ensure that users don’t become victims of a scam.

If the number looks unfamiliar, don’t answer it. If you pick it up and it sounds suspicious, make sure to end the call promptly.

Anything involving the purchase of a gift card or anything else is most likely a scam as well. Do not include personal bank information either.

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