Upgraded from Mojave to Big Sur (Macbook Air 2018). Here are my thoughts | #macos | #macsecurity

I’ve been using a 2018 macbook air (i5, dual core, 512/16) for two years which came with Mojave. I’ve held off updating to Catalina after the issues that were being reported after it came out. I decided to wait for Big Sur, but after reading about the issues that came with it, I decided to wait for Monterey initially. However, it seems that Mojave isn’t receiving security updates anymore; 11.6 came out and I had a couple of days off so I decided to take the plunge and update to Big Sur. The upgrade process went fine, took about an hour or so. Saw a kernel panic message at some point but that wasn’t a problem. Weird but ok. Here’s what I think the day after:

– a long standing bug was fixed for me. Almost anytime a did a reboot under Mojave, I got an error message saying ‘your mac restarted because of a problem’. It was always gone for a while after I did a reboot in safe mode, but I never found what caused it. Happy that it’s gone.
– Disk utility often only worked directly after a reboot on Mojave, most of the time it would just hang on loading disks. In BS seems to be working fine.

– my contacts were duplicated. Easily fixed be restoring contacts through iCloud.
– I really really dislike the placement of the ‘new tab’ icon in Safari, just doesn’t make sense. I’ve held off Safari 15 for now.
– I really dislike the way finder looks (taste)
– I dislike the Mail app, I’m using icons+text and when I click the text under an icon, only the icon gets highlighted. Just doesn’t make sense.
– Overall it doesn’t feel as snappy as Mojave did, could be indexing so I’ll give it a couple of days.

– I’m using an old Apple 24″ Led cinema display through a satechi USB-C hub. Worked fine under Mojave but under BS it’s flickering just one time once it comes out of sleep. Weird and annoying.
– Spotlight isn’t finding anything so I’ll make it rebuild. fixed now.

Overall I’m a bit disappointed that a .6 release feels so ‘unpolished’. It’s workable enough that I won’t go through the hassle of downgrading back to Mojave, but I’m looking forward to Monterey when it comes out.

If anyone knows how to fix the display issue, please let me know!

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