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Fatehpur District Magistrate Anupriya Dubey’s sick cow is being waited on hand and foot by seven government doctors, according to a viral order letter by the district’s Chief Veterinary Officer.

Seven government vets have been engaged to take care of Fatehpur DM Anupriya Dubey’s sick cow. (Image courtesy: Twitter)

It is not unusual for a person to go to extreme lengths for the happiness and wellbeing of their pets. However, reports that seven government doctors have been engaged to take care of an Uttar Pradesh bureaucrat’s sick cow have raised eyebrows.

According to an official letter, Dr SK Tiwari, the Chief Veterinary Officer of Fatehpur, has directed seven veterinary doctors under his command in the district to treat the ailing cow of District Magistrate Anupriya Dubey.

The order letter states that the vets will perform daily check-ups of the sick bovine, twice a day in the morning and in the evening. They will also submit a report to the Chief Veterinary Officer after performing these check-ups.

Dr SK Tiwari’s order letter was issued on June 9. It has since gone viral.

The incident brought back memories of 2017, when the entire Rampur police force was deployed to hunt for powerful SP leader Azam Khan’s missing buffaloes. The animals were stolen, and were found after a thorough search with the help of sniffer dogs.

The news about the Fatehpur DM comes in the wake of widespread outrage over incidents of VIP highhandedness. Last month, an IAS couple was transferred to opposite ends of the country after it was reported that they cleared out a stadium in Delhi to walk their dog.

More recently, a BJP MLA in Karnataka apologised after a video of his daughter arguing and misbehaving with cops after she allegedly jumped a red light went viral on social media.

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