Unkown Linux Comp Had My Passwords? Trojan, Keylogger, or Network Hacked? | #computerhacking | #hacking

Hello, I’m new here!

My computer was hijacked several days ago, all my passwords for signing in to my desktop stopped working and files became corrupt/missing, etc.

My event viewer is popping off with login/logout and, strange services running, shortcuts not being found in usual places, remote services running, mystery users with security privileges – and maybe i’ve finally lost it, but some files seem to be in wrong places and they are constantly modified or accessed?

I tried replacing my drive with a brand new SSD and using my brother’s computer to install a new windows 10 file for a clean install on via thumbstick (his computer is acting weird too).

An unkown Linux computer was also logged into my gmail, so I took the recommended security measures, made new and unique passwords, etc.

Hoping you could help the newbie out

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