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The union representing teachers in Capistrano Unified wants district leaders to address concerns about a lack of enough social distancing in classrooms and contact tracing of coronavirus cases, local and state union leaders said.

The Capistrano Unified Educators Association has sent a demand later to district officials alerting them a complaint could be filed with the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the California Teacher Association said in a press release this week.

CUEA President Joy Schnapper said union members feel that in some classrooms student desks are not sufficiently separated and that notifications of contact with positive COVID-19 cases have been delayed or not given in some cases.

“We weren’t pleased with contact tracing and protocols,” Schnapper said, “and we’ve felt that some member’s words were not taken at face value and in some ways were pushed aside to prevent any school closures or quarantines. We’ve felt that intentions were good and that the district wants to keep students in school, but they’re not taking the safety of our teachers and our members into consideration.”

District spokesman Ryan Burris confirmed the district had been notified about the demand letter.

The district is in weekly contact with CUEA to ensure that teachers’ concerns are addressed and problems rectified, Burris said via email. “We are grateful for the collaboration and partnership as we work together to support our teachers and certificated staff.”

“Our first priority during this pandemic has been to keep our students, teachers, staff, and families safe,” he said. “While we were one of the only districts in the state of California to open our classrooms in September and October, to date, according to the OC Health Care Agency, which reviews each case of COVID-19 connected to our schools, we have not experienced a single case of COVID-19 transmission in our schools. Not a single case of transmission in our schools, even during the worst of the pandemic this winter.”

He also said students desks are “never less” than 4 feet apart and most are at least 6 feet apart if space allows.

“We follow all contact tracing protocols and submit each case to the Orange County Health Care Agency,” he said. “We follow all notification timelines.”

Burris added that the district is preparing to open a location for administering the COVID-19 vaccination for south county educators.

Schnapper said CUEA leaders ares confident the district will quickly make adjustments that will be acceptable to the union.

“We’re optimistic that the district will follow through,” she said. “If not, our next step would be to file a formal complaint with OSHA but we haven’t done that yet.”

The California Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or Cal/OSHA, said that of the 11,349 workplace complaints related to COVID-19 received from Feb. 1 through Feb. 15 of this year, 300 were about workplaces in the educational services sector.

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