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I used to be in tech support. It’s a difficult, frustrating, and often thankless job that tests the limits of your patience. But it can also be gratifying when you fix what seems impossible to the user.

Some tech issues have simple fixes you can try on your own. Tap or click here for five easy solutions to everyday tech problems.

Like most professionals, IT folks have their own lingo. Here are 10 insider words that you might hear that describe you:

1. EEOC 

An IT pro fully understands smartphones, computers, networks, tablets, routers, Wi-Fi, operating systems, firewalls, Bluetooth, accessories, updates, security, and many additional devices and technologies.

If an IT pro says in front of you, “I’d love to help, but it’s an EEOC problem,” they are secretly mocking you. They believe that you’re never, ever, ever going to be able to use whatever device you called them about.

EEOC is short for “Equipment Exceeds Operator Capabilities.”


This verbal shortcode is like EEOC but stands for “Equipment Smarter Than Operator.”

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