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Chandigarh: An international road safety expert who is also a member of the National Road Safety Council claimed on Wednesday that the agencies assigned to issue fitness certificate to commercial vehicles in Haryana had scammed the transport department of Rs 60 crore in 10 months and put unfit vehicles on road.
Road safety expert Kamal Soi claimed to have raised the issue with state transport minister Mool Chand Sharma and received his assurance to discontinue those outsource centres. He is for asking the vigilance bureau or the Central Bureau of Investigation to check the circumstances in which the proposal for outsourcing the work was approved.
Soi said: “It started from July last year when 83 of these centres or workshops were authorised to pass the commercial vehicles. The state has 8.5 lakh commercial vehicles, so each month, these centres collected Rs 6 crore, which went neither to the transport department nor to the government. The agencies are minting money without putting any fitness certification system in place.”
He claimed to have exposed this scam in a Faridabad sting operation by securing fitness certificate for a vehicle that wasn’t even in the town. Soi claims the information was a surprise to the transport minister. The expert said: “We hope that the government will open its own fitness testing centre on the lines of Rohtak so that only genuine vehicles are passed. Else, it’s nothing less than putting moving coffins on the road.”
Confronted, transport minister Mool Chand Sharma confirmed that Soi had come to him with the representation. The minister said: “He raised important issues supported with relevant documents. We have asked the additional chief secretary of transport to verify each allegation and take action after inquiry if those charges are right.” Soi has also approached the Union transport ministry and the Prime Minister’s Office. He said: “As a road safety expert, my concern is unfit motor vehicles on the roads will cause sever accidents.”
He requested the minister for systematic fitness certification and cancelling the vehicle dealers’ authority to issue fitness certificate, since he claimed it was being given to even 40-year-old junked vehicles.

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