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Hello, just trying to see if there is some solution to do, or only solution is smash my 2 pcs with sledge hammer. Got some crazy serous stuff going on ,as my understanding is it stated with windows update when update was interrupted twice , and then started to do things , I have 2 hp pc and they both got , and I suspect the whole home network might be , the thing is changing group role , locking me out and hiding under adobe or system files , and I saw some windows logs where was kernel errors , and suddenly there was no more windows logs available, my mic was turned on , I was disabled to access files where he was hiding , they gain azure connection, and was later cut off, they came in my cloud , Microsoft cloud , and I didnt have even permission to cut them of I found some files , but wasnt able to delete, password and group rule protected I run a poweshell cmd to reset group policies it worked but for short time because it made my pc-2 and then 3 and the 4, I finally had enough and completely deleted one machine and reinstalled fresh windows , and suddenly it was back , I specifically made sure that my cloud one is disabled and suddenly it was on , I discovered that it connected my phone trough
Bluetooth, and direct connect from pc both of them , when I tried to deploy scan, it got into recycle bin and locked itself up with password , at least thats what bitdefender said. Tried to boot my pc safe mode but the settings was at that it didnt boot , i finally somehow was able to restart with new boot settings and when was time to start safe mode my pin button was gone , couldnt log in , finally found a workaround that too , boot in safe mode and tried to reset windows back earlier date (sorry thats the second machine ) the one option I was given was the date when this happened, like week or so ago I checked that some programs will be deleted which was some of them containing the malware I did reset and booted in safe mode started to examine delete files where it was and changed my group policy back and protected ,I run the scan and after coming back from safe boot I was not able to access files again and it was still there , I found that another date was available to reset windows , which I did and now its in safe mode I can read my scans bit is it possible to get them out ? I did pictures

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