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For almost two weeks, Olena Prokopovych has been FaceTiming her mother, Lyudmyla, at least four times a day.

Prokopovych’s mom lives in Chernihiv, a city in northern Ukraine — about 80 miles to the north of Kyiv — with her stepfather, Mykhailo. 

“I try to talk to them several times a day, literally to check if they’re alive,” said Prokopovych. 

Olena Prokopovych's mother, Lyudmyla and her sons during their most recent to Ukraine in the summer of 2021. Lyudmyla and her husband are unable to leave their city.

On Feb. 24, Russia invaded Ukraine after eight years of tension. In its aftermath, over 364 civilians have been reported dead, although the number is estimated to be much higher. Ukraine’s health minister said Russia’s intent was to destroy the state of Ukraine, a Westward-looking democracy intent on moving out of Moscow’s orbit, USA Today reported. 

‘Brutal act of war’: Photos of Russia invading Ukraine show mass evacuations, rockets

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