Ukraine war: U.S. cybersecurity is paramount | #microsoft | #hacking | #cybersecurity

In the 21st Century, the United States must maintain its technological edge as cyberspace increasingly becomes the modern battlefield.

Indeed, as violence unfolds in Kyiv nearly 5,000 miles from the northeastern United States, America — and seats of commerce like New York in particular — must remain vigilant and defend against the imminent threat of Russian cyberattacks. Actions coming from Beijing, too, should have our IT infrastructure on high alert as China barely blinks at Russia’s barbaric assault on the people of Ukraine.

One glimmer of good news, at least for New Yorkers, is Gov. Kathy Hochul’s commitment to cybersecurity and coordinating defenses with local leaders. However, the threat of cyberattacks, particularly disinformation aimed at exacerbating already deep political divisions, underscores the erosion of democracy and the need to preserve America’s leadership in technology.

I live in Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna County, just south of Binghamton, New York. A number of services I rely on are Binghamton-based, and businesses there employ many of my neighbors. What New York does to enhance its cybersecurity not only impacts our region, but our national security writ large.

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With Russian cybercrime on the rise, America’s tech sector has joined forces with governments around the world to detect and defend critical digital infrastructure. As such, Senator Schumer and my former colleagues should think twice about the crusade to dismantle America’s digital pioneers. Sure, these companies have their flaws and we must pursue commonsense policy that addresses them. But these issues won’t be resolved by the hammer of antitrust law.

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