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Injured woman gives harrowing account of how her 14-year-old grandson was killed in shelling

A Ukrainian woman has described how her son-in-law and teenage grandson were killed in Russian shelling in the eastern Luhansk region.

Tatiana Matsegora was seriously injured on Monday when the home her family was staying in was hit.

“There was such a blast and then smoke, you couldn’t hear anything. You couldn’t see anything in front of your eyes, and then I see that my grandson is lying on the ground,” she said through tears.

Part of the roof had blown off and become stuck in Ms Matsegora’s neck.

The grandmother and her husband had moved to the city of Lyman to live with her daughter, thinking it would be safer than their home in Sloviansk.

Describing the attack, she said the family had fled to the basement when the first explosion hit. After some time, the family came out to assess the damage.

It was then that a second strike rocked the building, killing Ms Matsegora’s son-in-law instantly.

She and her husband dragged her grandson and daughter, who were lying on the floor, into the basement.

“I was shouting with a strange voice as if it was not mine: ‘Please, don’t close your eyes. I beg you! Don’t close your eyes’,” she said.

The family was taken by ambulance to hospital but Ms Matsegora’s 14-year-old grandson, Igor, died after arriving. Her daughter is still in a serious condition in a Dnipro hospital.

She now feels guilty for her grandson’s death.

“Grandma, will I live?” he had asked as they waited in the basement for medical help.

“I said that he would live. But look what happened, I betrayed him. I am alive and he is not. I wish I had died and he had survived. I lived much more than him. I will never forgive myself for it.”

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