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Dateline Moscow, Kyiv, London, and Washington: Ukraine appeals for air defense and more sanctions against Russia.

Ukraine at D+20: Zelenskyy has a wish, and that wish is for air defense. (The CyberWire) President Zelenskyy appeals to the US Congress as Russia continues its reduction of Ukraine’s cities. And cyberspace in the theater of operations is crowded.

What Happened on Day 20 of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine (New York Times) President Volodymyr Zelensky is set to address Congress on Wednesday. NATO will discuss stepping up defenses. Mr. Zelensky urged more leaders to visit Kyiv after three prime ministers came to the capital.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: List of key events from day 21 (Al Jazeera) As the Russia-Ukraine war enters its 21st day, we take a look at the main developments.

Ukraine’s exodus escalates as millions more prepare to flee Putin’s invasion (Atlantic Council) As Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine continues to escalate, millions more Ukrainians are expected to flee the country in the coming days to escape Russian war crimes and the horrors of occupation.

Three million people have fled Ukraine, says UN (The Telegraph) More than three million people have fled the war in Ukraine for other countries, the UN said.

‘We’re living a nightmare’: life in Russian-occupied southern Ukraine (the Guardian) Officials in Berdyansk and Melitopol were removed and local radio reports on ‘liberation from Nazis’

Ukrainian journalist, Fox News cameraman both killed outside Kyiv (Al Jazeera) The death of Oleksandra Kurshynova and Pierre Zakrzewski bring the death toll among journalists in the war to five.

Ukraine sees room for compromise, as 20,000 escape Mariupol (AP NEWS) Ukraine said it saw possible room for compromise in talks with Russia despite Moscow’s stepped up bombardment Tuesday of Kyiv and new assaults on the port city of Mariupol, from where an estimated 20,000 civilians managed to flee through a humanitarian corridor.

Ukraine says war could be over in two weeks as peace talks going ‘pretty well’ (The Telegraph) Talks between Russia and Ukraine have so far yielded few results other than a few humanitarian corridors

Volodymyr Zelensky says Ukraine won’t join NATO (Newsweek) The Ukrainian president said last week that he had “cooled down” on the idea of membership of the alliance, which he wants to set up a no-fly zone.

Russia Bombards Kyiv as European Leaders Arrive in Ukraine’s Capital (Wall Street Journal) The delegation met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky amid heightened fighting in the capital’s outskirts and no apparent progress in talks to end the invasion.

EU Leaders in Dash to Kyiv as Mayor Rallies Defense of the City (Bloomberg) Meeting with Zelenskiy is first since Russian invasion started. Kremlin spokesman Peskov says talks continuing is ‘positive.’

Russia says Ukraine talks progressing as onslaught continues (AP NEWS) Russia’s military forces battered Ukraine’s capital region and other major cities in a bid to crush the resistance that has frustrated any hopes the Kremlin had for a lightning victory, while the two countries projected optimism for another round of scheduled talks Wednesday.

Inside Chernobyl, 200 Exhausted Staff Toil Round the Clock at Russian Gunpoint (Wall Street Journal) Trapped since their shift 3 weeks ago, the Ukrainians keeping the abandoned nuclear plant safe are ill-fed, stressed and desperate for relief. “Everyone wants to go home.”

Lukashenko dodges and weaves over joining Russia in attacking Ukraine (POLITICO) Former officers say he’s hesitating because of the mauling that Ukraine is giving the Russian invaders.

Expired arms, tepid fighters: Russian ally Transnistria may have little to offer for Putin’s war (Defense News) Speculation has grown that Russian troops will advance to Transnistria and use it as a launch pad for further operations in Ukraine or even an invasion of Moldova.

Dutch and others will continue to deliver weapons to Ukraine -Dutch minister (Reuters) The Netherlands and other NATO countries will continue to deliver weapons to Ukraine even as these deliveries could become the target of Russian attacks, Dutch defence minister Kajsa Ollongren said on Wednesday.

Without sending troops, the U.S. wages ‘hybrid warfare’ against Russia (NPR) The U.S. and Russia have talked for years about “hybrid war” — waging a conflict on multiple fronts beyond the battlefield. In unprecedented ways, the U.S. is now employing this against Russia.

Why haven’t Apple and Google shut down their app stores in Russia? Because the U.S. doesn’t want them to. (Washington Post) The cybersecurity firm Cloudflare also remains active in Russia. Withdrawing its services would hurt Russians’ ability to access independent sources of information, officials say.

Biden weighing trip to meet NATO leaders in Belgium, then on to Poland (Newsweek) The potential trip would follow a similar itinerary that was undertaken by Vice President Kamala Harris.

People power turns back Russian trucks ‘trying to evade sanctions’ at Belarus border (The Telegraph) Protesters blockade crossing point into Poland, arguing that lorries entering Belarus are filled with cargo bound for the Kremlin war effort

Ukraine Live Updates: Zelensky Implores Congress for More Weapons and Sanctions (New York Times) After the Ukrainian leader’s video address to lawmakers, President Biden is expected to approve $800 million in new military aid. Ukrainian forces launched a counteroffensive as cease-fire talks between Kyiv and Moscow continued.

Zelenskyy tells US Congress, ‘We need you right now’ (AP NEWS) Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy cited Pearl Harbor and the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 as he appealed to the U.S. Congress to do more to help Ukraine’s fight against Russia.

Zelensky’s address to Congress part of a tradition of foreign leaders speaking to lawmakers and the U.S. (Washington Post) When Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky delivers a virtual address to the U.S. Congress on Wednesday, he will become the latest world leader in a long history of foreign and religious leaders to speak to the lawmaking body.

U.S. Senate unanimously condemns Putin as war criminal (Reuters) The U.S. Senate on Tuesday unanimously passed a resolution condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin as a war criminal, a rare show of unity in the deeply divided Congress.

Ukraine Update: Kyiv Sees ‘Contradictions’ in Russia Talks (Bloomberg) Ukraine and Russia will resume talks on Wednesday as a key adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy called the negotiations “difficult” but said there is room for compromise.

Ukraine’s Anti-Tank Missiles Could See Russia Shift War Tactics (Bloomberg) U.S., European anti-tank weapons proving effective in cities. Russia’s solution in Syria was vacuum bombs, more troops.

Putin Is Finding War Is Hell, and Expensive (Bloomberg) A decade-long effort to increase professionalism seems to have failed, but Russian troops are adapting in Ukraine and still have brute force on their side.

Russian logistics are so bad, its military is begging China for MREs (Task & Purpose) “The Russian military is not as good as we thought it was.”

The Russian military should overthrow Putin — for Russia’s sake and its own (TheHill) Western leaders should make clear that they won’t take advantage of a leadership change and would respect Russia’s sovereignty.

Vladimir Putin has nothing but bad options in Ukraine (Atlantic Council) After three weeks of military setbacks Putin now faces the choice of escalating his Ukraine war further and risking his own downfall or seeking a face-saving exit from a conflict that has united the world against Russia.

Putin’s three big errors have doomed this invasion to disaster (The Telegraph) Far from a master strategist, the Russian president is merely the latest in a long line of deluded tinpot dictators

The Intellectual Catastrophe of Vladimir Putin (Foreign Policy) The meaning of Russia’s war in Ukraine is its own national weakness.

Russia’s veto makes a mockery of the United Nations Security Council (Atlantic Council) Putin’s Ukraine War has fundamentally transformed the geopolitical landscape. This new reality must be reflected in the way the United Nations Security Council functions. If not now, when?

Putin’s war exposes the cracks in the world order — can we fix them? (TheHill) The pressure to revise the world order has increases ever since the Cold War and emergence of the Information Age.

Ukraine war may lead to rethinking of US defense of Europe (AP NEWS) Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine and his push to upend the broader security order in Europe may lead to a historic shift in American thinking about defense of the continent.

Russia to quit Council of Europe as it prepares to suspend Moscow (Al Jazeera) Moscow says it is withdrawing from the Strasbourg-based body as pressure mounts on Russia over its Ukraine invasion.

U.S. defense secretary: ‘We remain united in our support of Ukraine’ (Reuters) NATO allies will continue to send defensive weapons to Ukraine and are unanimous in supporting Kyiv, U.S Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said on Wednesday as he arrived for a meeting with his NATO counterparts.

The inside story of what Marina Ovsyannikova’s brave act will mean for Russia’s propaganda war (The Telegraph) Was hers a lone voice – or will others in the Kremlin’s state TV empire follow the producer’s lead?

‘Minute-to-Minute Triage’: Weighing News Against Safety in Russia (New York Times) Western news outlets are engaging in a tense debate over balancing an urgent need to bear witness with journalists’ ability to report freely under strict new laws there.

Moscow Turns U.S. Volunteers Into New Bogeyman in Ukraine (Foreign Policy) With Russia’s use of mercenaries growing, the Kremlin seeks distractions.

Germany Warns Kaspersky Could Be Used to ‘Attack’ During Ukraine Invasion (Vice) Kaspersky told Motherboard it thinks the announcement was made on political grounds and not a technical analysis.

Top Ukrainian cyber official praises volunteer hacks on Russian targets, offers updates (CyberScoop) Ukraine’s Victor Zhora said the so-called IT Army has done “useful” things, and he offered information about the “CaddyWiper” incident.

Bombs And Hackers Are Battering Ukraine’s Internet Providers. ‘Hidden Heroes’ Risk Their Lives To Keep Their Country Online (Forbes) They’re fixing internet in bombed-out buildings, finding rogue operators providing Russians with mobile connections and thwarting hackers. The telecom companies of Ukraine and their employees are being hailed as heroes in the war with Russia.

Cyber conflict in Ukraine is growing more complex by the day (Washington Post) As Russia’s war in Ukraine settles into its third week, a clearer picture is emerging of the cyber conflict there. The big takeaway: That conflict has turned out to be immensely complex even as the hacks associated with it are less consequential or damaging than many cyber watchers predicted.

Ukraine detains ‘hacker’ accused of aiding Russian troops amid broader struggle to secure communications (CNN) Ukrainian authorities have detained a “hacker” who was allegedly helping the Russian military send instructions via mobile phone networks to its troops, Ukraine’s SBU security service said Tuesday.

EXPLAINER: How plausible is Chinese military aid for Russia? (AP NEWS) The U.S. says Russia has asked China to provide military assistance for its war in Ukraine , and that China has responded affirmatively.

FAST THINKING: What China stands to gain—and lose—by wading into the Ukraine war (Atlantic Council) How far will these autocrats take their “no limits” friendship?

China, eyeing Taiwan, sees lessons in Russia’s reckless Ukraine war (Newsweek) As Russia struggles against a fierce and well-armed Ukraine, China’s planners will study the war closely before making a move on Taiwan.

World Court to rule on emergency measures in Ukraine vs Russia case (Reuters) The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is set to rule Wednesday on emergency measures sought by Ukraine in a case against Russia, including an order for Moscow to stop its military campaign.

International Law Goes to War in Ukraine (Foreign Affairs) The legal pushback to Russia’s invasion.

‘Kleptocracy’ unit goes after Vladimir Putin’s millions of pounds of personal wealth stashed in London (The Telegraph) National Crime Agency and intelligence services will attempt to identify and freeze assets owned by the Russian president in the UK

Putin says Russia will achieve goals in Ukraine, won’t bow to West (Reuters) President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Russia would achieve its goals in Ukraine and would not submit to what he called a Western attempt to achieve global dominance and dismember Russia.

Dollars or Rubles? Russian Debt Payments Are Due, and Uncertain. (New York Times) Citing sanctions, the Russian government warned it might pay foreign debt obligations in rubles. Credit rating agencies say a default is imminent.

Fears Russia will not be able to pay its debts mount (BBC News) The country may be about to default on its debts as Western sanctions over Ukraine bite.

Russian default looms as deadline for dollar bond payments arrives (the Guardian) Historic default on $117m coupons would add to intense economic pressure on Moscow

EXPLAINER: What would a Russian bond default mean? (The Columbian) Ratings agencies say Russia is on the verge of defaulting on government bonds following its invasion of Ukraine, with billions of dollars owed to foreigners. That prospect recalls memories of a 1998 d

Oligarchs Got Richer Despite Sanctions. Will This Time Be Different? (New York Times) For nearly a decade, sanctions have been little more than names on a list for wealthy Russians. Governments are working to give them bite.

Russia Sanctions Forcing Banks to Quickly Adapt (Wall Street Journal) U.S. banks are treading carefully when it comes to sanctions against Russia, making sure to comply with a growing list of requirements while ensuring lawful payments flow there and to Ukraine.

Ukraine’s economy could shrink by a third this year as Russia’s invasion grinds on, according to the IMF (Business Insider) The Russian invasion of Ukraine has already enacted a heavy toll, and could leave the country in a “deep recession.”

These Molotov cocktail Legos raised more than $16,000 for medical aid to Ukraine (Task & Purpose) This set is probably not best for ages 4 and up

Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities

Iran Threats, Russia-Ukraine conflict eyed in Israel’s massive cyber attack (Newsweek) There is “a concern that Iran is ‘testing’ Israel and the U.S. during a chaotic time,” former Israeli ambassador to the U.N. Danny Danon told Newsweek.

New Ransomware Family Identified: LokiLocker RaaS Targets Windows Systems (BlackBerry) BlackBerry Threat Intelligence has identified a new Ransomware-as-a-Service (Raas) family, and tracked its lineage to its probable beta stage release.

The Lapsus$ Hacking Group Is Off to a Chaotic Start (Wired) Telegram polls. Unusual demands. The latest extortion gang is on an unorthodox rampage.

Thousands of Secret Keys Found in Leaked Samsung Source Code (SecurityWeek) An analysis of the recently leaked Samsung source code revealed the exposure of thousands of secret keys, including many that could be very useful to malicious actors.

Russian State-Sponsored Cyber Actors Access Network Misconfigured with Default MFA Protocols (CISA) CISA and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have released a joint Cybersecurity Advisory that details how Russian state-sponsored cyber actors accessed a network with misconfigured default multifactor authentication (MFA) protocols. The actors then exploited a critical Windows Print Spooler vulnerability, “PrintNightmare” (CVE-2021-34527), to run arbitrary code with system privileges.

Russian State-Sponsored Cyber Actors Gain Network Access by Exploiting Default Multifactor Authentication Protocols and “PrintNightmare” Vulnerability (CISA) Multifactor Authentication (MFA): A Cybersecurity Essential • MFA is one of the most important cybersecurity practices to reduce the risk of intrusions—according to industry research, users who enable MFA are up to 99 percent less likely to have an account compromised. • Every organization should enforce MFA for all employees and customers, and every user should sign up for MFA when available.

How Cobalt Strike Became a Favorite Tool of Hackers (eSecurityPlanet) Cobalt Strike is a great tool for emulating cyberattacks and finding vulnerabilities. And that’s why hackers love it too.

Security Vulnerabilities Found in ClickHouse Open-Source Software (JFrog) JFrog’s Security Research team discovered 7 vulnerabilities in the ClickHouse database management software. Learn about the issues and how to mitigate the risks.

cr8escape: New Vulnerability in CRI-O Container Engine (CVE-2022-0811) (CrowdStrike) Learn how CrowdStrike discovered a new vulnerability in the CRI-O Container Engine (CVE-2022-0811), and what organizations can do to remediate this vulnerability.

Computer scientist identifies JavaScript vulnerability in thousands of websites (The Hub) ProbeTheProto framework helps identify and alert websites vulnerable to a flaw that allows malicious actors to ‘pollute’ important web code

Brown University email system hacked ( Some users reported receiving emails from a Brown “special events” email address with images and comments about the situation in Ukraine.

Security Patches, Mitigations, and Software Updates

ABB OPC Server for AC 800M (CISA) 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY CVSS v3 8.4 ATTENTION: Exploitable remotely/low attack complexity Vendor: ASEA Brown Boveri (ABB) Equipment: OPC Server for AC 800M Vulnerability: Execution with Unnecessary Privileges 2. RISK EVALUATION Successful exploitation of this vulnerability could allow a low privileged authenticated user to remotely execute arbitrary code.

PTC Axeda agent and Axeda Desktop Server (CISA) 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
CVSS v3 9.8
ATTENTION: Exploitable remotely/low attack complexity
Vendor: PTC
Equipment: Axeda agent, Axeda Desktop Server
Vulnerabilities: Use of Hard-coded Credentials, Missing Authentication for Critical Function, Exposure of Sensitive Information to an Unauthorized Actor, Path Traversal, Improper Check or Handling of Exceptional Conditions

Healthcare Data Breach Trend Report 2021 (Protected Harbor) How are cybersecurity teams, healthcare organizations and law enforcement agencies preparing for the biggest cyber risk to hit our health system in 2022?

Report: Payment Fraud Attacks Against Fintech Companies Soar by 70% in 2021 (GlobeNewswire News Room) Sift’s Q1 Digital Trust & Safety Index reveals rising fraud across fintech, company releases Trust Intelligence Center for Trust and Safety Professionals…

2022 Cloud Security Alert Fatigue Report (Orca Security) The 2022 Cloud Security Alert Fatigue Report discusses the scale of the cybersecurity alert fatigue problem, its causes and impacts, and potential solutions

Social engineering and growing complexity of cyberattacks (Journey Notes) As cybercriminals step up social engineering attacks against employees at small businesses, organizations of all sizes need to be prepared.

PhishBusters Survey: Perception vs. Reality of Phishing Attacks (Cofense) What does the general population know about phishing attacks? How do these beliefs, and the behaviors of individuals, impact the security of their employers?

Cyber insurance crisis to fuel enterprise shift in cyber protection (IT News Online) Panaseer, an enterprise security company, today shares data on actions enterprises are willing to take to solve the escalating cyber insurance crisis.


OneLayer Emerges From Stealth With $8.2M to Build Security for Private 5G Networks (SecurityWeek) Tel Aviv-based cybersecurity startup OneLayer has emerged from stealth mode with $8.2 million in funding to build security for private 5G networks

HD Moore’s Rumble Raises $15M Series A Investment (SecurityWeek) Texas startup Rumble has banked $15 million in Series A financing from Decibel Partners and a laundry-list of boldface cybersecurity practitioners.

New venture capital fund focused on high-need, dual-use technology (C4ISRNet) The new fund is led by a team of national security experts looking to invest in and support smaller companies developing critical technology for national security and commercial users.

NortonLifeLock stock falls after UK says Avast deal may face in-depth probe (NASDAQ:NLOK) (SeekingAlpha) NortonLifeLock (NLOK) dropped 7.8% in premarket trading after the U.K.'s antitrust regulator said the company's $8.6B planned purchase of Avast (AVASF) may face in-depth probe due…

Arlo Solutions Ranked #16 on Inc. Mid-Atlantic Region’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies List (Arlo Solutions) Arlo Solutions Ranked #16 on Inc. Magazine’s List of the Mid-Atlantic Region’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies Washington, DC (March 15, 2022) –Arlo Solutions (Arlo), a Washington DC-based, woman-owned technology firm, was listed #16 on the 2022 Inc. Regionals Mid-Atlantic list of the fastest-growing private companies in America. This number reflects Arlo’s tremendous growth rate of 622% […]

IDX Awarded Silver Stevie® Award in 2022 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service (PR Newswire) IDX, a leading privacy platform and data breach response provider, announced they are the recipients of a Silver Stevie® Award in the…

DiCello Levitt Significantly Expands Antitrust Capabilities with Acquisition of Practice Group (Yahoo) DiCello Levitt significantly expands its antitrust capabilities with acquisition of practice group, deepening its 50-lawyer national bench.

Aware Appoints Veteran Chief Revenue Officer to Capitalize on Exponential Growth (PR Newswire) Aware, the leading enterprise-grade collaboration governance, compliance and insights platform, today announced the appointment of Bill Strogis…

Finite State Adds Gün Akkor, Kirk Appelman to Scale Company with Growing Market (Business Wire) Finite State announces two new hires adding Gün Akkor as Chief Technology Officer and Kirk Appelman as Executive Vice President.

Products, Services, and Solutions

Black Box Completes SOC 2 Examination (Global Security Mag Online) Black Box announced that it has completed its System and Organization Controls (SOC 2®) examination relevant to its information security practices, policies, procedures and operations. SOC 2 is a compliance standard developed by the AICPA (American Institute of CPAs) specifying how organizations should manage data from customers.

Codenotary Cloud Delivers the First All-in-One Software Supply Chain Security and DevSecOps (Business Wire) Codenotary announced new features in Codenotary Cloud that provide the first all-in-one, end-to-end software supply chain security and DevSecOps.

SecZetta Launches Complimentary Third-Party Identity Risk Maturity Assessment at HIMSS (SecZetta) SecZetta Launches Complimentary Third-Party Identity Risk Maturity Assessment at HIMSS. Stop by booth #1741 to take it.

Netskope Unveils New Global Evolve Partner Program; Unlocks Massive SSE Opportunities for Fast Growing Channel Partner Ecosystem (PR Newswire) Netskope, the SASE leader, today announced new benefits, incentives, and program opportunities for its fast-growing partner ecosystem. The new…

Contrast Security Releases New Capabilities to Secure Enterprise Software Supply Chains ( Leading AppSec provider combines vulnerability testing for custom and third-party code across build, test, production and cloud-native environments Los

HUB Security Partners with Enlitic to Secure Health Data, Enhance Patient Care Through Artificial Intelligence (PR Newswire) Artificial intelligence (AI) technology in healthcare requires secure patient data to reach its true potential. Healthcare providers have that…

Secure Data Erasure and Destruction for Companies – ASCOMP Releases Version 6.0 of Its Windows Software Secure Eraser (AP NEWS) Press release content from Newswire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

Powering Security Operations with context-aware detections, alert prioritization and risk scoring… (Medium) With today’s rapidly escalating threat landscape, it is important that our customers have access to all context across their entire IT stack while responding to malicious threats. An alert in isolation does not provide sufficient information, and associated metadata, context, and asset information is fundamental to an effective threat response strategy. Additionally, with prevalent alert fatigue, security teams lack the ability to prioritize which critical threats to address first

Technologies, Techniques, and Standards

Over 200 Organizations Take Part in CISA’s Cyber Storm Exercise (SecurityWeek) CISA hosted Cyber Storm VIII, a three-day national cyber exercise whose goal was to test preparedness to a cyber-crisis impacting critical infrastructure.

ionir Report Finds 60% of Companies are Running Stateful Applications on Kubernetes (PR Newswire) A new survey by ionir shows that 60% of respondents are running stateful applications on Kubernetes, and of those who aren’t already, 50% plan…

Legislation, Policy, and Regulation

Biden signs cyber incident reporting bill into law (The Record by Recorded Future) President Joe Biden on Tuesday signed into law a $1.5 million government funding bill that includes legislation mandating critical infrastructure owners report if their organization had been hacked or made a ransomware payment.

H.R.2471 – Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2022 (US Congress) Making consolidated appropriations for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2022, and for providing emergency assistance for the situation in Ukraine, and for other purposes.

New U.S. Financial Cyber Rules Focus on Board Oversight (Wall Street Journal) Recent proposals on how a company’s board oversees cyber risk won’t just change the board’s role, they can also affect how security staff communicates those risks, former SEC officials say.

Biden’s Executive Order on Crypto: What you need to know (Digital Shadows) On 9 Mar 2022 US President Biden signed a new executive order (EO) to ensure the responsible development of cryptocurrency in the U.S.

Litigation, Investigation, and Law Enforcement

High Court May Be Closer To Tweaking Website Immunity Law (Law360) Justice Clarence Thomas’ recent statement that the U.S. Supreme Court should weigh in on the scope of a federal law granting immunity to third-party internet content providers may be a signal that the nation’s top court is closer to taking up a case and issuing a ruling that could significantly impact tech companies, experts said.

Newspaper in NSO storm: Deputy AG who probed claims of police spying failed at task (Times of Israel) Continuing to defend its reporting of allegedly illicit phone hacking, Calcalist notes inherent conflict of interest in having those accused of wrongdoing investigate themselves

The FTC’s new enforcement weapon spells death for algorithms (Protocol) It may have found a new standard for penalizing tech companies that violate privacy and use deceptive data practices: algorithmic destruction.

Facebook fined $18.6M over string of 2018 GDPR breaches (TechCrunch) Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has been fined €17 million (~$18.6 million) by the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) over a string of historical data breaches. The security lapses in question, which appear to have affected up to 30 million Facebook users, date back several years —…

High Court challenge alleges DPC failed to investigate complaint made about Google, IAB Europe ( Dr Johnny Ryan claims the Data Protection Commission has delayed investigating his 2018 complaint regarding the two companies.

Nigerian authorities arrest alleged scammer on FBI Most Wanted List (The Record by Recorded Future) Nigeria authorities announced Monday they arrested Osondu Victor Igwilo, a suspected scammer from the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

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