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Canonical continues investing a lot in ensuring a first-rate Ubuntu experience when using Microsoft’s Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL/WSL2) with Windows 10 and newer. Rather than needing to wait longer to see the fruits of that work in the next Ubuntu releases, Canonical has now made “Ubuntu Preview” available from the Microsoft Store to have a daily-updated, bleeding-edge Ubuntu experience.

“Ubuntu Preview” is their new entry in the Microsoft App Store for this experimental, daily-updated development build of Ubuntu on WSL. This is akin to the Ubuntu daily ISOs currently produced but catering to the Windows Subsystem for Linux environment.

Canonical has been working on WSL install enhancements, good Flutter toolkit integration under WSL, various GUI app support improvements, and a lot of general polishing and integration enhancements to be at the forefront of WSL(2) usage for those wanting to enjoy Linux applications under Microsoft Windows. With Ubuntu Preview it’s not recommended for production usage but rather sticking to the current Ubuntu LTS release, but for hobbyists and those curious about Canonical’s investments into a compelling WSL offering can check out this via apps.microsoft.com.

Canonical, Ubuntu Preview setup process.

More details on Ubuntu Preview for WSL can be found via the Ubuntu blog from last week outlining this new offering. Ubuntu Preview is already tracking early development work on the Ubuntu 22.10 “Kinetic Kudu” version.

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