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Henry Schulte   

 I’ve never subscribed to being an end-of the-world guy with a bunker in my yard, but I must tell you, I’m getting there.

I recently finished a novel that made me rethink how the fall of the world could be much easier than we give it credit for. Referencing the book: It doesn’t have to be a war involving fighting of any kind, it can just be a massive stock market crash or a couple dirty bombs strategically located. 

But our most likely demise are attacks on our energy grid. 

The ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline shut down 45% of the East Coast’s fuel supply in a blink creating instant panic. Many of our energy systems are outdated. And as companies installed more sophisticated monitoring and diagnostics software, they have created more cybersecurity risks. Things are much different now because of everything being connected to each other and on the internet. It’s reported that there are more than 2,200 cyber attacks a day. It’s not a matter of if anymore, but when.

Using the great toilet paper disappearing act of 2020 showed us how quickly we can run out of something. And we’ve all seen or been part of what bad weather can do. 

Power goes out. People instantly have no water, food or shelter, and we are unable to get it restored for days or even weeks. Now imagine if a “bad weather” situation happened to the entire country all at once. It would only take a matter of hours before shelves would be bare.

We’re already experiencing a delivery problem without a crisis. If food couldn’t be distributed, people in the big cities could be starving in a matter of weeks.

There are more than 300 million of us, and we rely on massive amounts of food and without power nothing could be refrigerated.

Should it occur during winter with most of the country under snow or freezing, growing enough vegetables without power under grow lights won’t happen. And you wouldn’t have the ability to pump water anyway. 

Unmanaged hunting would clean out all wildlife in no time. 

If natural gas was taken out, you’d need to find another way to boil safe drinking water. 

People on ranches or in the mountains would have an early advantage. But it wouldn’t be long before the starving from the cities would arrive by the millions seeking out anything to eat. It would be impossible to stop people from killing the animals on all the farms and each other.

Not believable? Consider this. The way we pulled out of Afghanistan exposed how our top brass and present administration don’t have their act together at all. These military leaders displayed to the world that we may not be as tough as they thought. They already know President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris aren’t. 

And with a very weak administration, those countries who don’t like us — and there’s a bunch of them — are not just sitting back. I heard China is working with the Taliban, taking inventory of the gold mine of equipment the U.S. left behind. Pakistan is working with China. North Korea is back at launching rockets. Iran is for certain making nuclear weapons and probably already has them.

ISIS and all the other terrorist factions are most certainly planning on ways to hit us because now they have a welcome mat and red carpet at the southern border. They can join the caravan of 85,000 heading our way and waltz right in. 

The Mexican cartels don’t have any political aspirations, but they’re in charge of Mexico and are more than happy to “guide” anyone into America for the right price. 

We’ve never been more vulnerable.

While President Biden ignores the impending crisis by yelling at us to wear masks and get the vaccine, the real danger is swirling like a cloud of death coming our way. 

Too dramatic? I don’t think so. 

We have never been in this position where our military leaders are more concerned about equity and gender identity and make excuses and point fingers and say how they misjudged pulling out of Afghanistan. That wasn’t a trivial error. It was huge in so many ways, and we’ll never know the full truth. 

It’s likely President Biden paid the Taliban for security, maybe even left the military equipment as payment, because otherwise I can’t believe that we would intentionally be that stupid. 

Either way it showed the rest of the world we’ll work with terrorists, and we’re willing be held for ransom. 

By the way, our news media tried to make out the Taliban as good guys. Now these “reformed” terrorists are hanging people in the town square and blowing up bodies.

Using a cliché, when push comes to shove, we’re on our own. In cities where millions are crammed in small geographic death traps, those will be the hardest hit.

The military and the likes of FEMA (they have families too) will be unable to help and protect the entire country should it collapse all at once. 

Many of us are armed and the need to protect yourselves and our families will be instinctual. 

We witness everyday how man can go a little nuts in no time at all. From road rage to fist fighting over mask wearing. This reflexive behavior will happen on a grand scale when you’re scared and hungry. 

And on a more frightening level, gangs have plenty of guns and have no problem shooting anyone. Looting will be instantaneous; they’re getting away with it already. And the cartels, with an army of thousands and no resistance, will move north like locusts devouring everything in their way. They have no mercy and don’t give a damn one way or another. 

If that were to occur, if you don’t shoot first, you’re dead. And what happens to your wife and daughters, it’s probably a good thing you won’t know.

I realize by me writing this I’m getting some cocked heads and raised eyebrows, but I believe deep down a lot of us are considering this possibility. 

Americans bought guns by the millions when idiots started defunding the police. (We’re witnessing how well that went over.) Some know how to use their new weapons, but many don’t, but we’re armed. And that’s a good thing. 

Government doesn’t like the idea because it diminishes its control on the masses, and Democrats try every day to take that power away from us. 

Look to Australia right now. They’re reduced to throwing rocks and eventually are shoved back into their homes where all they can do is whimper and do as they’re told. And that’s just from a virus.

I’m not saying we should resort to violence, so don’t start sending letters, but being prepared certainly can’t hurt. 

Because there is one thing you can count on.

You can’t count on anything.

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