Twitter Updates Privacy and Safety Settings to Help Users Better Understand Their Options | #socialmedia

Twitter has announced a new update to its Privacy and Safety settings, and new video overviews of the various options available, in order to help users better understand the information that they share, and how they can limit such to protect their account, and control their on-platform experience.

As you can see here, the updated Privacy and Safety menu includes new icons and improved navigation options, which Twitter says were developed based on a global privacy study conducted by the Twitter Research team. The listings also focus on easier to understand language, which better describe the purpose and functionality of each setting. 

In addition to this, Twitter has also added a new series of how-to videos on its Privacy and Security help page to outline how each specific element can be applied.

Twitter Help

The instructional videos cover ad activity, data tracking, DMs, location info, content preferences and more.

The additions will make it easier for all users to understand how they can manage their Twitter account info, and how their information can be utilized by Twitter’s ad partners for targeting and outreach. The instructionals also provide notes on how to manage what you see in your feed, which could help to improve your tweet process.

It’s a relatively small update, but an important one, considering Twitter’s still working on simplifying the user experience to boost its take-up among new users. The simple video clips will definitely help in this respect, while the revised language will also make it easier for users to understand their options.  

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