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For years, Twitter users have been asking the platform for an edit button. In early April, Twitter’s CEO confirmed that the feature would arrive.

Twitter users have already seen teasers of what the edit button would look like and how it would work on the website and the mobile app. But the platform will be adding additional safety measures so that users will only edit their tweets if necessary.

Twitter to Add Safety Measure on the Edit Button

According to TechCrunch, Alessandro Paluzzi, a Twitter sleuth, shared screenshots of what an edited tweet would like. From the images he shared, a blue pen icon alongside the text “Edited” will appear on the right side of the tweet date, whether at the bottom or at the top.

The color suggests that the Twitter edit button would be clickable. The leaker also shared an earlier picture showing an Edit History interface.

The interface part of the workflow has not been fully fleshed out, but it should solve the concerns of tweets being changed to say something different after the tweet has gone viral.

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Paluzzi also hinted that another feature would be added to prevent users from misusing the edit button. According to Paluzzi, tweets will only be alterable an hour after they go live.

This should give users plenty of time to fix the typos and ensure that the essence of a tweet is not changed to something else. With that said, the images that he posted are just from the web version of Twitter.

There is little to suggest that the process would be different on the iOS and Androids apps, according to Android Police.

Aside from Elon Musk’s sudden Twitter takeover bid, the edit button announcement is one of the biggest Twitter news in years. These new leaks gave users a better idea of how the feature would work as soon as it goes live.

TwitterDeck Changes

Aside from the edit feature, the upcoming version of TweetDeck, the power-user-focused version of the app, was reported to come with a subscription fee.

According to The Verge, the security researcher Jane Manchun Wong discovered a work-in-progress sign-up page for the app, which boasts that it is a powerful, real-time tool for those who use Twitter, and it offers an ad-free experience.

While the page does not explicitly say that users will have to pay Twitter to access TweetDeck, companies do not usually put a disclaimer that says “it helps you avoid the thing that makes us money” as a feature of free products or services.

Also, Twitter already got a paid subscription service that it is trying to sell to its power users.

This is not the first time that it has been reported that Twitter wants to monetize TweetDeck. In early April, Manchun Wong dug up code redirecting non-Blue subscribers trying to access the new version of TweetDeck to the Twitter Blue sign-up page.

In 2021, Bloomberg reported that Twitter was considering a subscription service component to the app. The report came before it was announced that Twitter was working on a massive overhaul for TweetDeck.

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