Twitter ends censorship of Socialist Equality Party (Australia) after widespread opposition | #socialmedia

Late last night, Twitter lifted a lock on the account of the Socialist Equality Party (Australia) which had effectively disabled it beginning on July 21. The account has been fully reinstated, with all functionalities previously denied to it, including posting, retweeting, responding to messages and commenting on other user’s posts, restored.

Twitter account of the SEP Australia

In an email, Twitter stated: “Our support team has reviewed your account and it appears we made an error. We’ve determined there was no violation and have restored your account to full functionality. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate you taking the time to submit your appeal request to us.”

The social media corporation contradicted itself, with the automated message informing the SEP of the reinstatement on Twitter itself declaring: “Thank you for addressing the issue. Your account is now available for use. To prevent future lockouts or account suspension, please review the Twitter Rules and help us maintain a safe environment for everyone on Twitter.”

As clear as mud!

Twitter’s reversal is nevertheless a welcome development, undermining a precedent for broader attacks on left-wing, anti-war and socialist material on the internet.

The lock had shut down an important component of the public presence of the SEP, a political party with a history spanning 50 years. It limited the ability of the SEP to intervene in the growing discussions on Twitter about war, the “let it rip” COVID policies and a broader assault on democratic rights.

The targeting of an organisation opposing these ruling class policies and advancing a socialist, revolutionary and internationalist alternative for the working class, was unmistakable political censorship.

That conclusion is supported by the fact that Twitter has provided no explanation whatsoever for its actions. In effect, that means that the SEP’s analysis of the politically motivated character of the lock stands, because it has not been contradicted by the social media company and no other plausible explanation has been advanced.

The timing and character of the measure demonstrates that it was not the result of a single “error,” or a glitch in one of the social media corporation’s many opaque and mysterious algorithms, themselves designed and set into motion by Twitter’s administrators.

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