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You read that right, it’s looking like there’s been a large Twitch hack. The Amazon-owned streaming giant Twitch has suffered a large-scale leak in the form of a torrent, which was released on the popular message board and hive of degeneracy 4chan as a 125GB torrent. Due to the spurious source of the hack, we will not be directly linking it from here, however, the hack appears to be containing Twitch Data from 2019 up to now, which includes a whole host of files, including the following:

  • Twitch’s Source Code
  • Content creator payouts
  • All Twitch clients
  • Everything else Twitch owns, including the Indie Game Database
  • A competitor to Steam named Vapor, presumably to bolster their internal studios
  • ‘Red Team’ penetration testing documentation with sensetive information about Twitch

Amazon has yet to comment, but as soon as they do, you’ll be able to find it here. It’s likely that there will be a near-immediate response to the Twitch Hack simply due to its scale and size, 125GB is a significant amount of data, so it is likely that we’ll be seeing something in the form of a comment from them very soon.

We can confirm that it is real from the volume of data and files included in the torrent. However, the hacker has noted that this is simply just half of the leak, with more to come. This comes following several movements of streamers and content creators putting the streaming giant under fire for not doing enough to protect brigading against members of the Twitch community, but the identity of the hacker is still unclear, and to be releasing all of this data for free is pretty much unheard of.

A peek at some of the files on the Twitch Hack

Twitch streamers leaked earnings

Streamer Earnings in USD APPARENT)
CriticalRole 9626712.16
xQcOW 8454427.17
summit1g 5847541.17
Tfue 5295582.44
NICKMERCS 5096642.12
ludwig 3290777.55
TimTheTatman 3290133.32
Altoar 3053839.94
auronplay 3053341.54
LIRIK 2984653.70

Also included in the leak is an exhaustive list of over 10,000 streamers’ earnings on the platform from August 2019 to October 2021. Meaning that there is now extensive data on exactly who the big earners on Twitch currently are, with Critical Role topping the list at what appears to be $9.6 Million USD.

Twitch Leak: Vapor Steam competitor

Hot on the heels of the launch of New World, we can see that another detail in the leak is their PC Storefront, Vapor. This comes in competition with the Epic Games Store, Stadia, and many more in the increasingly crowded market looking to enter the PC games space. We’ve not quite got all the details provided in the leak, but we will be sure to report on it as soon as we begin to hear more.

Be sure to visit this page as this story is still developing. We will post more as it comes.

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