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Turlock police told ABC10 that Ryan Tribble’s intervention likely saved the student’s life.

TURLOCK, Calif. — The Turlock High School teacher who stopped a fight that resulted in a student stabbing another student released a statement about the incident on Saturday. 

On Friday, two students at Turlock High School got into a fight, resulting in a student being sent to the hospital. Video on social media shows the moments of the attack and when a teacher jumped into action, intervening to break up the fight.

Ryan Tribble, the Turlock High School teacher who intervened, said in a statement his heart is heavy for the two students and their families. 

“I am asking myself, did I do anything another teacher would not have done?” Tribble said. “My only concern in that moment was for the students and their safety.”

Turlock police told ABC10 that Tribble’s intervention likely saved the student’s life.

“My purpose in the classroom has always been to teach love, compassion, kindness, and understanding through the lens of psychology,” Tribble said.

Turlock police tweeted the suspect in the fight was taken into custody where he faces charges of attempted homicide. The student who was stabbed is in stable condition.

“To all the students, if you are struggling, falling on hard times, sad, lonely, depressed, reach out. Especially on our campuses,” Tribble said. ” “There are people that care who are willing to help and guide you.”

The Turlock Unified School District said in a news release that counselors and student support clinicians are available for those who witnessed the fight and need to talk to someone.  

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