Tumblr rolls out sensitive content filter for iOS | #ios | #apple | #iossecurity

To keep the app eligible for download via the App Store, microblogging and social networking platform Tumblr has rolled out a new feature “Sensitive Content toggle” for iOS users.

The new feature allows users to choose whether to opt-in or opt-out of potentially sensitive content on the iOS app.

“These latest updates provide more control to our community on the iOS app to build the experience that fits them best, and to explore the content that they find interesting,” the platform said in a blog post.

“While the experience for our community is a top priority, we must also comply with Apple’s App Store Guidelines and our own guidelines,” it added.

Users can now choose to enable or disable a ‘Hide Sensitive Content’ toggle. By default this setting will be enabled, affecting the filtering only on the iOS app.

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