Trump’s TRUTH Social Censors Post as ‘Sensitive Content’ | #socialmedia

Former President Donald Trump’s free speech social media platform has apparently censored a conservative radio host, who compared transgenderism to “mental illness.”

BlazeTV host Steve Deace complained Monday on Twitter that something he posted on TRUTH Social was immediately censored.

Deace claimed to have posted a Truth — the platform’s term for users’ posts — only for it to be slapped with a “sensitive content” warning.

He complained, “That didn’t take long on Truth Social.”

“This content may not be suitable for all audiences,” the warning reads. The post offers users of the platform an option to view the post.

Mediaite viewed the Truth Deace had posted. It reads: “Transgenderism is a mental illness and/or a demonic deception, pass it on.”

The apparent case of censorship on the platform is noteworthy, given that Trump was similarly censored on Twitter before he was banned in January of 2021.

In the days and weeks leading up to the 2020 election, Trump’s tweets were slapped with content warning labels with an increasing frequency.

TRUTH Social has previously been accused of censoring its users, despite the fact the platform has yet to fully get off the ground.

After it launched in February, the tech blog Engadget reported its censors were stronger than Twitter’s:

User Matt Ortega was rejected from Truth Social on the basis of his username, @DevineNunesCow, reported Mashable. A parody Twitter account of the same name poked fun at former Rep. Devin Nunes, who is currently the CEO of Truth Social’s parent company.

A few users have pointed out that Truth Social’s moderation policy is significantly more strict than that of Twitter, despite its claim to be a refuge from Big Tech’s censorship. Unlike Twitter, Truth Social users can get suspended or booted from the platform altogether for posting content that moderators consider to be false, defamatory or misleading.

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