Trump supporters are furious that Gettr’s new flack, Ebony Bowden, was a Trump hater | News | #socialmedia

Conservatives and supporters of former President Donald Trump are angry with social media platform GETTR’s new communications director, who has been critical of former President Donald Trump while backing Democrats such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

GETTR, which bills itself as free speech-oriented and anti-cancel culture, was launched by Trump’s former top spokesman, Jason Miller, and other allies.

Ebony Bowden, GETTR’s new spokeswoman and a former reporter for the New York Post and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, expressed distaste for some of Trump’s actions and policies in the past few years.

“Trump’s behaviour at the G7 is genuinely frightening. We’ve long laughed at him but reading this coverage I can’t help but feel like the United States is careening toward disaster,” Bowden said in a tweet from 2018.

Bowden also said she was upset that Trump had won the election, saying in 2017 that she wanted to “live in the alternate universe where she [Hillary Clinton] became president.”

Furthermore, she described meeting Hillary Clinton in November 2018 as a “life highlight” and said in 2015 that she wanted to buy “ALL OF THE MERCHANDISE” from Hillary Clinton’s online store.


In tweets from 2014, Bowden also complimented Obama on his leadership and his looks.

A number of Trump supporters and Republicans are angry with GETTR for hiring a “leftist”, with dozens posting their outrage on Twitter and Facebook.

Bowden said her politics have changed and that the platform shouldn’t suffer because of her opinions, past or present.

“GETTR is not a political party. We are a platform for marginalized voices on all sides,” Bowden told the Washington Examiner. “I published these tweets before I moved to America, learned a lot about this great country, and changed my political views. People can and should be open to changing their opinion, and we should not rush to cancel them.”

However, many of Bowden’s posts that were critical of Trump were published after she moved to the U.S. in 2018.

Bowden told the Washington Examiner that she is not a U.S. citizen, cannot vote, and is not aligned with any political party.

She added that GETTR “welcomes users of all political affiliations, not only people who have been lifelong Republicans or conservatives.”

The Australian former journalist said she joined GETTR in part because she had “firsthand experience of how dangerous Big Tech censorship is” when she worked on the New York Post’s investigation into Hunter Biden, which was censored by Twitter and Facebook.

In the past year, Republicans, most prominently Trump, have alleged that social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter engage in unfair bias and censorship.

But conservatives say GETTR is an example of how challenging it is to create a platform that adheres to free speech. They expressed concerns last year that GETTR might only attract Trump supporters and Republicans, which could doom the platform.

GETTR founder Jason Miller, a former senior adviser to Trump, defended Bowden and his platform.

“We’re open to users from all parties, ideologies, backgrounds and cultures, and our team reflects a broad coalition of free speech advocates,” Miller told the Washington Examiner in a statement.


“We also refuse to be an echo chamber, and this is part of what separates us from unsuccessful platforms who have previously challenged the stranglehold monopoly that Big Tech has on social media,” Miller added.

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