Trident Tech offering tuition-free enrollment in 2022-2023 school year | #education | #technology | #training

Trident Technical College is offering free tuition to all eligible South Carolina residents for the 2022-2023 school year thanks to funding by the state.

“As a community college, we exist to make relevant training and education accessible,” said public information director David Hansen. “Accessibility is not only about proximity to campus, it’s about being able to afford the education we provide. Offering classes tuition-free removes a major hurdle potential students face when thinking about attending college.”

Trident Tech offered students free enrollment for several career training programs for the past few years, but thanks to the additional state funding, all classes are now available for free,  including university transfer programs.

Trident Tech will apply federal and state education grants and scholarships to attendance costs, and additionally waive remaining tuition, registration and course fees. Students who qualify can attend college courses full- or part-time. 

“Most of our students work and have families and other responsibilities,” Hansen said. “It’s not always an easy decision to go to college because time spent in class or studying is time not spent at a job earning pay. Not having to worry about paying for tuition gives students some breathing room and makes the choice to attend college easier.”

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