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TPG Telecom has disclosed that its legacy cloud-based hosting service, TrustedCloud, was compromised in a recent “cyber incident”, with two customers found to have their data accessed.

The telco said the incident did not affect other services, as TrustedCloud is hosted in a standalone environment separate from its telecommunications networks and other systems.

Formerly known as Wavenet, TrustedCloud is a legacy IntraPower product which was acquired in 2011 by the pre-merger TPG Telecom. The company said the service uses legacy IT systems and was in the process of being decommissioned at time of the attack. TrustedCloud is scheduled to close at the end of August 2021 and only has a few remaining customers.

“We have notified and have been working with the two impacted customers and continue to provide them with information and assistance,” TPG’s announcement read.

“We have notified the relevant government authorities and we have engaged external cyber security experts to assist with management of the incident.”

The telco said it has also brought in measures to bolster the security of TrustedCloud.

“Although we are confident this incident has not impacted our other environments, we have also increased the cyber security defences across our entire business,” TPG added.

TrustedCloud was established in 1998 under the name Wavenet. In 2008, the company sold a 51 percent stake to hosted infrastructure, software and desktop services provider IntraPower. Wavenet was later rebranded as TrustedCloud when TPG acquired IntraPower in 2011.

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