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During the first half of 2022, the compute engine industry saw headlines about Broadcom and VMware, Microsoft, Docker, and other tech leaders. In addition to following the latest news, ITPro Today readers sought technical information about Windows Server 2022, PowerShell, open source software security, and more.

Here’s a rundown of the top stories about compute engines of 2022 so far.

China has mandated the eradication of foreign-branded PCs from its central agencies and state-backed corporations. The move was part of the country’s long-term campaign to cut dependence on geopolitical rivals.

Boost your Windows Server 2022 expertise by reviewing these detailed explainers. Each article in the collection explores different Windows Server features.

PowerShell remains a popular tool among IT administrators. If you’re new to Microsoft’s automated task system, this article can help kick-start your education.

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Broadcom announced in May that it would purchase virtualization pioneer VMware. Will the acquisition help Broadcom gain stronger footing in the enterprise software market?

At this year’s Microsoft Build conference, the company unveiled a raft of updates and new products and services. Here’s a roundup of those announcements.


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella speaking at the Build conference


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Open source software communities may be less diverse and inclusive than other tech fields. Learn what the data says about the participation of underrepresented groups in open source projects. 

The explosive adoption of open source code has exposed organizations to new security risks. Read about how the Open Source Security Foundation aims to bolster security.

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At this year’s DockerCon, Docker CEO Scott Johnston and famed development leader Kelsey Hightower explored the problem of “tech first” decisions. Communities drive technology much more than technologies build communities, they said.

DockerCon 2022Kelsey Hightower and Scott Johnston discuss the industry at DockerCon 2022

Kelsey Hightower and Scott Johnston discuss the industry at DockerCon 2022

AlmaLinux’s early release of its Build System software gives users insight into the software’s code, system, and build logs. The full-fledged release, slated for July, will let users create their own packages.

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Windows utilities can occasionally show different data about the disks installed in your computer. Tech expert Brien Posey explains why that is.

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