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by Madhurjya Chowdhury

August 24, 2021

Here is the list of the top 8 programming languages for hacking in 2021.

Ethical hacking is defined as the practice of lawfully entering various networks with the goal of identifying potential weaknesses that hackers might exploit to get access to a network. Such hacking efforts aim to discover any exploits before they come into the hands of hazardous attackers and then fix them in time to prevent an attack. Let’s jump into the article to learn why programming languages are important in hacking and the best programming languages in 2021.


Why are Programming Languages Important in Hacking?

Learning a programming language helps you to be self-sufficient and provides you with the knowledge of how to deal with programmes so that you may quickly exploit them. Even though exploit creation is primarily done in assembly code in debuggers, understanding how a programme works may be highly beneficial.

It will assist you in writing your own exploits in C/C++ rather than relying on frameworks like Metasploit. Learning programming also provides you with the ability to develop your own unique malware, which antivirus software will have a hard time detecting.

The majority of hacking tools are open source and free to use. Using hacking tools and improving them is a simple process if you’ve learned the skill of programming.

So, before you begin learning the fundamentals of hacking, learn to code and lay a strong foundation.


Best Programming Languages for Ethical Hackers

1. C Programming

The holy grail of current programming languages is the C programming hacking language. The fact that the C programming is being used to hack the security sector comes as no surprise. Its low-level nature offers it an advantage over other programming languages when it comes to obtaining low-level hardware components such as RAM. Many security experts utilise the C programming language to manage the hardware and resources of the server at a lower level. Penetration testers may also use it to create lightning-fast socket programming scripts.


2. C++ Programming

C++ is the finest programming language for breaking into business applications. As we all know, most business software is licenced under a proprietary licence and needs paid activation, so hackers will have to conduct some reverse engineering to get around it. The low-level access required to inspect the machine code and defeat all such activation methods is provided by the C++ hacking language. If you learn C++, you’ll be able to break business software and even create your own unique hacking applications.


3. SQL

SQL is an acronym for Structured Query Language. This is the most often used hacking programming language among ethical hackers. An ethical hacker can use this to obtain information from databases. Because most web-based software stores private information such as user passwords in some kind of data, SQL is seen to be the greatest tool for breaking into corporate databases. You won’t be able to defend against database assaults until and until you know everything there is to know about the Structured Query Language.


4. PHP

PHP is a server-side programming language that is used to generate web pages. Understanding PHP would aid online hackers in good perspective web hacking tactics.

PHP is a server-side programming language. You may create a custom application in PHP that modifies a web server and renders it vulnerable to assaults.

Most web domains use PHP, which is among the most potent server languages. Knowing PHP can help you defend yourself from malicious attacks. PHP is the backbone of many popular content management systems; as a result, PHP may help you defend or corrupt websites.


5. Python

This is often regarded as the de-facto language for hacking. In the year 2020, Python is considered the finest programming language for hacking. This is how ethical hackers code their on-demand hacking programmes on the fly. If used correctly, Python can perform virtually anything, from checking the integrity of corporate systems to automating the majority of hacking programmes.


6. JavaScript

Kudos to the recent creation of the node.JS project. As a result, javascript has emerged as the most effective programming language for exploiting online applications. Many security experts follow in the footsteps of black hat hackers when it comes to developing cross-site scripts in JavaScript. Because the javascript language can alter both front-end and back-end web technologies, it has become a popular method for hacking even the most complex and intricate web applications.


7. Ruby Programming

Ruby is often regarded as the most effective programming language for breaking into various business systems. It’s quite close to the python hacking language in terms of syntax. Despite the fact that both languages are excellent at automating conventional hacking programmes, ruby is thought to be more focused on online hacking. After learning about all of the ruby’s amazing capabilities, the most well-known penetration testing system, Metasploit, chose it as its foundation language.


8. Assembly

Assembly is often regarded as the most effective programming language for breaking into primitive systems. It is the most powerful hacker code language, but it is extremely difficult to master. One of the most important features that make this hacking language ideal for creating quick and successful hacking programmes is its ability to easily control low-level system processes.

It’s ideal for creating malware like trojans and viruses. As a result, if you are unable to persevere through its high learning curve, the outcomes will be satisfying.



We have examined the top programming languages for hackers and cybersecurity in this post. Each language has its own set of advantages and depending on how you study, you may take up one term faster than the other. However, this article should be sufficient to answer the question “What programming languages are used by hackers?” Although there is no one-size-fits-all ethical hacking coding language, Python is a popular choice among hackers for creating exploits or fixing systems.

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