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About the Top 10 Internet Security Suites of 2022

Internet security suites offer basic antivirus protection for you and your family’s devices. Covering PC, Mac, Android, and iOS in one easy-to-manage package, you don’t have to worry about organizing a separate antivirus for each. Most security companies offer at least three levels of security products, a standalone antivirus, a basic security package, and an advanced package with additional features. Most entry-level suites include antivirus, firewall, antispam, and parental controls. The advanced “mega suite” usually adds a backup component and some kind of system tuning utility, and some also add password management, a VPN, or other security extras.

The best products can protect you from dangerous attachments and links, fake websites, and ransomware, and will also monitor and notify you if your information is discovered on the dark web or falls into breaches. The best internet security software is essential to keeping your connected devices and personal information safe online. The Internet has never played a more prominent role in our lives as it is home to our entertainment, work and financial activities. This helps prevent criminals from draining your bank account and stealing your identity. However, it has never been so plagued by threats. You need a solid internet security software package to keep yourself protected.

Check out the list of the best internet security suites

Bitdefender Total Security

With Bitdefender, you’re protected against viruses, malware, ransomware, and spyware, and there’s a built-in firewall to keep cybercriminals out of your system. When tested by the experts at AV Test and AV Comparatives, Bitdefender performed very well, blocking almost all virus and malware test programs that were applied to it.

In addition to security features, Total Security provides various PC optimization and maintenance tools. These are somewhat useful in themselves, for cleaning up superfluous files and optimizing boot times, but more importantly, Bitdefender’s flagship suite also covers more than just Windows devices.

McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection has an airy, easy-to-understand user interface and a built-in VPN service that offers 50 locations and unlimited data. Many security suites have a VPN that limits you to a few hundred MB per day.

Moving on to the VPN, McAfee made an interesting/annoying choice for Total Protection subscribers. If you only purchase Total Protection as a one-time purchase without signing up for automatic renewal, you will only get 500 megabytes of data bandwidth per month. However, sign up for auto-renewal and you’ll get unlimited VPN coverage. In my opinion, this is unfair. Ultimately, people who sign up and don’t sign up for auto-renewal are still paying the same amount of money to use the suite.

Norton 360 Deluxe

Norton 360 Deluxe is so named because it truly offers comprehensive security that can protect your key devices, as well as alert you if your logins are found for sale on the dark web, giving you early warning of potential problems and the opportunity to change. your passwords.

Parental controls are top-notch, by the way, including in-depth monitoring systems to keep an eye on what your kids are doing online, and even GPS tracking for your mobile devices. Norton is very strong in this department.

Avast premium security

Avast has simplified that pattern, with only free Windows and macOS protection apps, plus all-inclusive Avast Premium Security. Both Avast Premier and Avast Internet Security have dropped out of the lineup. The full cross-platform suite offers a lot of protection for Windows and Android, less for macOS, and very little for iOS. This suite is good at what it does, but it can do better when it comes to getting complete protection on all platforms.

There’s a password manager, webcam protection, and file shredder, but that’s it. Parental controls are nowhere to be found, they’re tucked away in Avast Omni, a home internet security solution that requires a specific device to be installed.

Trend Micro Premium Security

Maximum Security provides parental controls, social media privacy features, and PC maintenance tools, though the latter isn’t your best bet. It also has countermeasures for data theft prevention, a secure vault for storing sensitive files, and a decent built-in password manager.

Trend Micro performs very well in malware lab tests and also provides ransomware rollbacks, a file shredder, file encryption, and a system optimizer. Trend Micro’s malware engine has remarkably little impact on Windows system performance when running in the background, but can consume a large amount of resources during full scans.

Kaspersky Security Cloud

A full scan with Kaspersky Free ran in 90 minutes, which isn’t bad given the current average of 79 minutes. Like many antivirus products, Kaspersky can perform optimization during the initial scan to speed up subsequent scans. With Scan only new and changed files enabled, as default, a second scan finished in just over eight minutes.

What’s great about Security Cloud is that it contains adaptive security technology that automatically adjusts its settings based on your current activities. It helps you detect unauthorized devices and questionable websites, as well as helping you create stronger passwords and manage them securely.

Avira first

If you want those speedup tools and/or have been considering getting a VPN and a new security suite, then Prime might be the perfect fit. In fact, in the latter case, Avira Prime works as excellent value for money, providing a solid engine to keep you safe, and Avira VPN on top to keep you even safer online. Others, however, may miss the aforementioned core suite features, like parental controls, of course.

Many features found on the Privacy page are present in the free suite. As noted, the Browser Safety extension for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera is free. You get a simple file shredder for secure disposal of sensitive documents. And the privacy settings tool checks dozens of internal security settings, helping you set the best balance between privacy and convenience.

ESET Premium Smart Security

ESET Smart Security Premium includes many features including parental controls, webcam protection, network monitoring, additional network protection, and an anti-theft feature for Windows devices that allows location tracking is a nice bonus. Also, Linux systems are covered here, as well as Windows and Mac computers.

Fortunately, the main malware protection, including anti-ransomware, is absolutely solid, and while it does have a negative impact on performance, the worst is when installing apps, something you won’t do as often.

Final words: Top 10 Internet Security Suites of 2022

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