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by Astha Oriel

November 12, 2020

Smart devices apps make homes aesthetically pleasing and allow customization of smart homes.

As the world is changing, so are the way humans live. We are moving from traditional hand-controlled homes to the sensor-enabled world. As disruptive technology like IoT is permeating in every aspect of human life, its presence in home appliances is not exempt.

Additionally, a smart device embodies smart homes. Apart from making homes aesthetically pleasing it also customizes homes. Moreover, if these devices are linked with smartphones, then the control and personalization become comparatively easier.

Here are the top android apps that are driving smart home automation.


Amazon Alexa App

Amazon’s Alexa app unravels the unique opportunity to transform homes into a hyper-connected world. With IoT enabled sensor, the app unlocks a world of possibilities. It also complies in controlling the Amazon enabled devices, smart lights, thermostats, locks and alarms. Through its robust system, Amazon Alexa is also compatible with Philips Hue Smart Bulbs, and iRobot Roomba 690 amongst many others.

With voice-enabled devices, it allows listening to songs, making calls or simply doing house chores, easier and without lifting a finger. The Amazon Alexa App is listed amongst the top home automation apps. Additionally, with its miniature structure, its speakers are portable and can be carried anywhere.


Samsung Smart Homes Apps

The Samsung Smart Homes apps assists the user in connecting various devices at the same time. Through its IoT enable mechanism, Samsung smart home apps controls, monitors and manages various devices like refrigerator, television, dishwasher etc. at the users’ home. It allows the user to group multiple devices for connection and control them as if they were a single device. The SmartThings app lets the user add and control thousands of Samsung and partner with SmartThings smart devices with the tap of a button from anywhere in the world. While many devices can be added directly to the SmartThings app – Zigbee, Z-Wave, and LAN connected devices will require a SmartThings enabled hub.


Google Assistant

Compatible with Android and iOS devices, Google assistant enables the user to connect various systems at the same time. The user can also utilize Google Assistant to carry out tasks such as making calls, texts, and playing music. It also aids in checking the weather, turning lights on and getting news highlights amongst others.


Apple Home Kit App

With the help of the Home app, the user can easily and securely control HomeKit accessories from the Apple devices. For example, by turning off the lights, the user can see who’s at the front door, adjust the living room temperature, and turn up the music amongst others. The Home app groups accessories by room, so the user can easily control devices in any part of the house with a tap or a click. Additionally, through HomeKit Secure Video, the user can analyze and create multiple scenes for security purpose.

Moreover, for enhanced safety across the network, the homekit‑enabled routers are available as a foundational layer of security at a smart home. HomeKit routers can firewall off each of the home accessories so even if one were to be compromised; it wouldn’t be able to access other devices or personal information.


Wiser App

Wiser App lets the user take charge of the house. With control panels enabled in both iOS and Android smartphones, Wiser app redefines automation in smart homes. For example, the user can program lightings, heating and shutters according to everyday schedules. It also automatically brightens up the place before the users’ arrival and switches off the lights on users’ departure. With in-built sensors, the home can act on its own. For instance, it switches off the air conditioning, when the window is left open. Furthermore, the wiser app is cost and energy effective.


Danalock Bluetooth Z-lock

Danalock Bluetooth Z-lock is an automated lock facility enabled with IoT based security system. It senses the arrival and departure of the user and lets the user control the access through smartphones. Moreover, the user can create an unlimited number of digital keys for family members and guests. The app enables the user to program the access level as temporary and permanent and set up alerts to know when the lock is used and by whom.


Philips Hue

Philips Hue is a personal wireless lighting system that lets the user easily control light and create the right ambience for every moment. Philips Hue enables the user to wake up naturally, help them energize, read, concentrate, relax, and even helps them to fall asleep. It also lets the user play with colours or sync smart lights with music, games and movies.



Ecobee provides a wide range of products from smart thermostats to a security camera. It allows the user to customize their home by controlling the room temperature as well as light settings anytime and anywhere.


Honeywell Home

Honeywell home embellishes the home with automated security devices to air cleaner. Through the app and in-built IoT sensors, the user gets notified about the real-time happenings around the house. It allows the user to navigate, modify and control the settings of these devices, thus making the entire experience personalized.


My Q Garage 

My Q Garage monitors and controls the garage door and home lighting from anywhere. Through the app, the user can get real-time notifications, set schedules and share the app with family members. Through My Q Garage smart camera and lock, the user can monitor the deliveries happen in real-time and automatically lock your garage passage door when a delivery is taking place.

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