Tokyo 2020 Olympics Hit with Ticket Holder Data Breach | #government | #hacking | #cyberattack

What Happened With the Olympic Hack?

The Olympic games have been dealing with hackers for a while, as they experienced numerous attacks during the 2016 and 2012 Olympics, with many athletes also receiving phishing emails. Their database would be a treasure trove of information for anyone able to break in, so many hackers view it as being worth the effort.

In this case, hackers gained access into the Olympic database, gaining multiple log-ins. These log-ins would provide hackers with various Olympic ticket holders’ sensitive information. Japan claims that the attacks weren’t particularly substantial and that they’re making sure these same methods won’t be effective in the future.

The FBI itself has been cautious of cyber attacks during the Olympics, warning host countries to be especially wary of maintaining strict security over any facet of their systems that is susceptible to cyber attacks.

“Malicious activity could disrupt multiple functions, including media broadcasting environments, hospitality, transit, ticketing, or security”. – FBI statement

While there hasn’t been a confirmed list of victims of the hack, if you’re connected to the Olympics in any way, it’s worth keeping an eye on your email or bank account.

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