Tim Cook Suggests Smartphone Voting, Ohio Sec. of State Says ‘Preposterous’ | #mac | #macos | #macsecurity

In a recent interview, Tim Cook suggested looking to technology as a way to expanding voting access to Americans. Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose says voting by phone is “preposterous” (via Fox News).

Smartphone Voting

In his own interview, Secretary LaRose says that voting via smartphones is “more complicated than people realize” but says that may exist in the near future. But the most important thing is that voters and governments can be confident in that process to make sure “every vote is counted fairly and free of fraud and shenanigans.”

Last November, cybersecurity experts spoke to CBS News about the security of electronic voting. Counties like Estonia have been voting online since 2005. Security and privacy concerns were raised along with other points.

In January 2020, Seattle-Area voters were able to vote using their smartphone for a board of supervisors election, although the level of success of that endeavor is unknown.

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