Thugs developing cat-themed ransomware for Androids and Hitler ransomware for PCs | #android | #security

What do a cute cat and Hitler have in common? Both are featured in ransomware; Hitler targets PCs and the cat-themed ransomware targets Androids.

Both are also considered to be under development at this time, meaning neither are currently big, bad boogeyman threats let loose in the wild to infect the masses. Things could change if either ransomware is fully developed.

Cat-themed ransomware for Android

If some creep is going to lock up your phone screen, then seeing a cat is surely better than seeing Hitler. Yet if your Android showed the cat below and nothing more, and you couldn’t move beyond the screen, then the cat would seem considerably less cute. You might not realize the kitty represented ransomware, since it comes with no ransom note.

ElGato, cat themed Android ransomware

The McAfee Labs Mobile Malware Research team, which discovered the ransomware for Android, said it can encrypt files on an SD card, silently steal text messages and block access to the Android.

Once El Gato, Spanish for “the cat,” is installed, the attacker can control the ransomware and send commands to the Android via a web-based control panel. McAfee Labs researcher Fernando Ruiz said the malware runs on a legitimate cloud service provider and has botnet capabilities. The commands which can be sent include:

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