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As Chrome OS turns ten years old (and overtaking macOS to take second place in the Desktop OS market), Google has announced a number of new features for the connected operating system. Three of them have caught my eye.

The first is Phone Hub. This allows you to check in with your phone from the Chrome OS desktop. Battery life and phone signal are obvious ones, but you also have recent Chrome tabs, replying to messages, and the ability to start a portable hotspot on your phone without actually touching your phone.

The functionality does look remarkably like Microsoft’s ‘Your Phone’ Android companion and parts of macOS’ Continuity suite, but the ChromeOS offerings offers a tighter integration between Android and Chrome OS, typified by the ability to move recently active Chrome tabs from the desktop browser to the phone, and back again.

Creating a better experience between phone and desktop is a common thread though the new features. Take the improvements to Wi-Fi Sync. While it may seem a small bonus, the ability to log on to a trusted Wi-Fi network that you have signed into on another device (be it a Chromebook, another Chrome OS machine, or an Android smartphone or tablet) is a significant quality of life improvement for many.

Finally there is the updates to Desks, Chrome OS’s way of organising various workspaces. Individual windows can be pushed into specific desks with a simple click, and a quick swipe on the trackpad will switch between desks – or you can snap into an overview to see all your desks.

This update brings Google’s two platforms closer together, even though Chrome OS and Android are already tight to begin with.  Presumably Google hopes the combination of the two will create a better user experience and bring more users into Google’s cloud of services and software… much like Apple with iOS and macOS, and Microsoft with Windows 10.

Some updates are all about growth. This tenth anniversary update for Chrome OS is about making the platform a better place to work in.

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