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Mr Thompson wants to warn others of the scam which almost cost him £7,999. Scam Interceptors presenter Rav Wilding called it a “cruel scam” and urged others to be on their guard.

Scammers posing as representatives of online retail giant Amazon are targeting the public via email and telephone in a series of phishing scams.

One such call was intercepted this morning (April 20) on the BBC’s Scam Interceptor programme presented by Rav Wilding.

The scammer was trying to con caller Mr Thompson out of £7,999 in savings by convincing him that he had made a mistake.

Presenter Rav Wilding said: “I think this is such a cruel part of this scam.”

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Although the caller didn’t lose any money on this occasion, he did come close to falling for it as he was at work and a little distracted.

The show’s scam expert advised: “Never give anyone access to devices.

“Be cautious about being contacted out of the blue.

“Remove any software the scammers asked you to install.”

 TSB said it would never:

  • Ask people to download ‘remote access software’ or log into internet banking
  • Call people out of the blue to say their money is at risk, ask for their PIN, one-time password or log in details.
  • Ask people to hand over their card, PIN or cash – and neither will the police.
  • Ask people to transfer money into another ‘safe’ account.

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