Things You Never Knew Your Chromebook Could Do | #firefox | #chrome | #microsoftedge

The seamless connectivity between devices in the Apple ecosystem is unparalleled, and Google has always lagged behind when it comes to tight, effortless integration. That said, new Chromebooks promise to finally bring the same experience to the Google and Android ecosystem.

Your Chromebook links to your phone via Phone Hub, which lets you send texts, check and dismiss notifications, sync and tether your internet connection, and view recent Chrome tabs opened on your Android — all from your Chromebook (via Google). If you pair the two devices with Bluetooth, you can even log into your Chromebook by unlocking your Android phone.

To connect your Android device:

  1. Find and click the Phone icon in the bottom panel in Chrome OS, or navigate to Settings > Connected Devices > Android phone.

  2. Hit the Get Started button.

  3. Click Accept, continue on to the next prompt, and follow the instructions.

You can also toggle individual features in the Phone Hub, which allows you to silence your ringer, enable the hotspot, check the battery status, and locate your phone.

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