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WhatsApp: They reveal how much they charge to hack the app

Recently, they have released how much they charge for to hack WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, so you must be very careful with cybercriminals as it is something that happens quite often.

Unfortunately, it is more and more recurrent that criminals take advantage of social networks to be able to violate their victims and one of these criminal acts is undoubtedly hacking.

More and more people are joining social networks and even those who never imagined entering.

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It is for this reason that it is extremely important to take into account that the security is priority.

This time we tell you what the Senate Gazette released, since cybercrime has increased.

According to the Senate Gazette, it is increasingly common for criminals to take advantage of social networks in order to harm their victims.

One of these criminal acts is undoubtedly hacking, in which there are experts who are capable of hacking into some networks in exchange for money.

According to Norton’s Cybercrime Report, Symantec, in cybercrime, Mexico ranks first.

The most common and avoidable cybercrime is that of a virus or malware, however, according to Merca 2.0 and AM, cybercriminal groups are also dedicated to hacking WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and even TikTok, this for approximately 452 thousand 47 Mexican pesos.

In this regard, the Senate Gazette reported that now it is more common to see traditional criminal organizations and technology professionals who engage in crime on social networks.

On the other hand, there are many computer crimes that are implemented through new technologies and the Internet.

Cybercriminals use methods such as phishing, keyboard monitoring, cyberbullying or grooming to achieve their goals.

It could be said that cybercrime is that activity that through the network or through a computer system “has the objective of attacking the confidentiality, integrity and availability of computer systems, networks and data, as well as the fraudulent use of such systems, networks and data ”.

In addition, within cybercrimes you can also find computer crimes such as identity theft, harassment of course also scam.

This is something that without a doubt we must be very careful nowadays, and it is that when we least expect it, something related could happen to us.

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