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Yes, those days were exhausting. Physically and emotionally draining. They needed you for every little thing and sometimes, you thought you might break from it all.

And this stage is hard too.

It’s a different ache, a different pain. It’s why all the mamas before us tried to warn us but they couldn’t. Because we can’t know this ache until we’re in it.

And I’m in it. Maybe you are too?

It’s big problems, real problems, scary problems with serious consequences. The same type of problems you had when you were a teen, but you swear it came earlier for them.

It’s eye rolls, and “Mom, you are so annoying,” when all you did was ask a question.

It’s mean friends and mean words and poor choices.

It’s terribly confusing math homework, and science homework and tests that you wish you could help them understand, but you can’t understand because that’s not what they taught you in 1994.

It’s knowing the tooth fairy has made her last visit.

It’s nights out with friends. They have a better social life than you.

It’s driving them all over town to church, and practice, and school, and friends’ houses.

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