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Google banned as many as 26 Android apps that have Grifthorse Android Trojan hidden, stealing money from users’ mobile phones. It has been revealed that Google banned as many as 26 Android apps that were stealing money from users. What is more, the hackers had infected computers so easily and secretively that no one even knew what was happening until one security company looked into it and found the offending apps. The company was Zimperium and a complaint was forwarded to Google, which slapped a ban on them. The top 10 Android apps that Google banned are Handy Translator Pro, Heart Rate and Pulse Tracker, Geospot: GPS Location Tracker, iCare – Find Location, My Chat Translator, Bus – Metrolis 2021, Free Translator Photo, Locker Tool, Fingerprint Changer, Call Recoder Pro.

The reason why users should check their smartphones is because these apps have been downloaded by millions of people (check table provided below). The top infected Android app has been downloaded between 5,00,000 to 10,00,000 times. The other 25 in the list have been downloaded a minimum of anything between 1,00,000 to a maximum of 5,00,000.

Unfortunately, for users of Android apps, the problem has not ended with the application of the Google ban. It has merely come to light and a warning has been issued to mobile phone users. The next step must be taken by users themselves to fight back the hackers. They can do this simply by taking out enough time to check which apps have been downloaded on their smartphones, locate the ones that are mentioned in this list and delete them immediately.

That means the probability of one of these dangerous Android apps being on a lot of phones is quite high. So, it is better to be safe than sorry and therefore, mobile phones should be checked for dicey apps and they should immediately be booted out. The danger to you will remain very much there till you have not banned these apps from your phone.

“Overall, GriftHorse Android Trojan takes advantage of small screens, local trust, and misinformation to trick users into downloading and installing these Android Trojans, as well frustration or curiosity when accepting the fake free prize spammed into their notification screens,” Zimperium explained. Follow HT Tech for the latest tech news and reviews, also keep up with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. For our latest videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel. In its latest update today, Google has warned millions of its users to update their browser as a Google Chrome bug is likely on their computers right now. (REUTERS) Google has just warned users about a dangerous Google Chrome bug that hackers are actively exploiting to steal private information from their computers.

Zimperium zLabs was the security firm that unveiled the malicious campaign that is named Grifthorse Android Trojan. This malware is hidden behind malicious Android apps and acts as a Trojan. Zimperium zLabs explains that it poses a threat to all Android devices. Its job is to subscribe unsuspecting users to paid services. There is a huge amount of money being lost by users in this way.

Google has just sent out a warning to millions of its users about a new threat that has hit the extremely popular Google Chrome browser that is on billions of computers. The worst part about the warning is that this is the most dangerous zero-day threat and that hackers already know about this flaw in the software and they have probably exploited it to infect people’s computers and stolen their data and other information. Google has now alerted users about the Google Chrome bug and that they should not ignore the warning and instead, they should simply update their browser as the company has already released a patch to fix the software. By the way, there is not just one bug, in actuality there are 4 in all, but 2 of them are really dangerous and they have been rated as high-risk ones.

To fightback the hackers even at this late hour, requires users to quickly update the Google Chrome browser to the latest version and thereby get back to safety. To offer some security, Google has released the update and the latest version is called 94.0.4606.71.

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  • These 26 Android Apps Have Been Banned By Google! Delete them from your phone right now
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