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While it is not yet a recognized medical or psychological diagnosis, psychologists estimate that somewhere between 5 to 10% of Americans suffer from an addiction to social media.

There’s no denying that the US (and the world over) is spending a questionably unhealthy amount of time on social media. New social platforms appear on the scene so often it’s easy to feel out of touch.

Earning money online and even growing your brick-and-mortar business has been made easier through the recent social media explosion.

But social media can be utilized without slipping into the darker, desperate need to constantly check in on your phone. A recent study discovered which parts of the US are most and least obsessed with social media.

Spoiler alert – states with higher populations don’t always exhibit a greater obsession with social media.

Top 10 Least Social Media Obsessed States

Leading Digital Marketing Agency Hennessey Digital recently analyzed the number of Google searches for social media platforms in each state.

The basis of the study was to determine which states had the fewest number of monthly searches per 1,000 people for social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

1. Hawaii

With around 625,500 average monthly searches for social media platforms, the study found that Hawaii was the least social media-obsessed state.

When measured against the state’s population, this results in an average of 440.34 social media-related searches for every 1,000 people. When accounting for population, Hawaii searches sit at more than 100 fewer searches per month than the next state.

2. Alaska

Alaska comes in at second place on the list, with monthly searches of 585.54 per 1,000 people. With about half the population of Hawaii, Alaska had over 100 more searches per 1,000 people.

Alaskans’ favorite social media platform by far was Facebook. It received more than 301,000 searches alone in the state, followed by Instagram with 40,500 and Twitter with 22,200.

3. Louisiana

Thanks to just 596.16 searches for every 1,000 people, Louisiana sits in third place. However, the state also generates more than 2,778,100 overall social media searches monthly.

4. Nevada

Nevada ranks fourth, with 601.64 social media searches per 1,000 people and 1,825,600 overall searches each month.

5. Arkansas

Even with 1,816,300 searches overall monthly, the southern state of Arkansas comes in fifth place, with 602.66 social media searches for every 1,000 people.

States that Took Places 6-10

The rest of the Top Ten Least Socially Media Obsessed States list breaks down like this:

6th Place: Mississippi – 606.83 searches per 1,000 people7th Place: Utah – 615.67 searches per 1,000 people8th Place: Kansas – 619.06 searches per 1,000 people9th Place: West Virginia – 640.15 searches per 1,000 people10th Place: Missouri – 649.12 searches per 1,000 peopleInterestingly, many states now have social media password protection laws, which prevent employers from requiring employees to disclose their user names, passwords, or other information about their social media accounts.

Six of the top ten least social media-obsessed states are part of a group of 27 states that have enacted laws to protect social media user’s privacy, including:

HawaiiLouisianaNevadaArkansasUtahWest VirginiaTop 3 Most Social Media Obsessed States

Shifting gears, with 867.67 social media searches per 1,000 people, North Carolina earns the title of the most social media-obsessed state in the United States.

Tennessee comes in second, and Maine is third with 863.90 and 856.69 searches per 1,000 people, respectively.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, Tennessee and Maine also have state social media privacy laws in place, while North Carolina does not.

A spokesperson from Hennessey Digital commented on the study: “It’s fascinating to see states from all corners of the US appear in the top ten, highlighting that despite the popularity of social media, there are still many areas which are less obsessed than others.”

The Most Popular Social Media Platforms

Although Twitter may be the talk of the town in recent days, Facebook remains the king of social media, according to this data.

The spokesperson also adds, “The platform receives hundreds of millions of searches every month in the US, with no other platforms coming close.” Facebook sees more than 151,000,000 monthly searches in the US alone, making it the most popular platform in the country.

Instagram claims the second-place spot with more than 30,400,000 searches every month, just over a fifth of Facebook’s volume.

Twitter comes in third with an average of 16,600,600 monthly searches.

TikTok boasts around 7,480,000 searches a month.

Lastly, Snapchat is the least popular out of the platforms studied, with only 1,830,000 average monthly searches across the US.

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What Does This Mean?

If you find yourself in the throws of social media addiction, you’re in good company.

In fact, it appears you’ll be in good company in virtually any part of the United States as we see social media obsession is not limited to any one region of the country.

It will be interesting to see how long Facebook can hang on to its crown or if TikTok’s ever-growing popularity will steal it away.

In addition, it would also be interesting to see how the data would change had the researchers included YouTube data in the study.

Many people claim YouTube is not a proper social media platform as it’s a video-sharing platform and the second largest search engine. However, according to Buffer, YouTube is the second largest social media platform (behind Facebook), with 2.2 billion monthly users.

It’s hard to ignore those types of numbers when discussing social media, not to mention, the platform also offers income potential, which draws many would-be creators looking to make money on YouTube.

The findings make one point irrefutable; like it or not, society’s (particularly in the US) obsession with social media appears to be here to stay.

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