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Gen Z venture capitalists have made headlines by starting syndicates, networking in Slack groups, and making a racket on Clubhouse. It has quickly become clear: Gen Z is already shaking up the venture-capital industry.

There’s no set path for Gen Z, people born between 1995 and 2010, to break into venture. Some landed their first jobs by getting lucky with a cold email, while others got the attention of bigwigs through ambitious personal projects. For example, one Gen Zer on our list landed his venture-capital job after writing a book at age 18 that impressed a venture-firm partner. Others are forgoing traditional firms entirely, opting instead to angel invest in startups led by Gen Z founders that they believe in.

But there are some commonalities between the rising stars on this list: Almost everyone leverages social media in some way (see: the three TikTok superstars), many deeply understand the importance of forming their own Gen Z venture-capital communities, and pretty much all of them want to change the world.

Insider compiled this list by talking to dozens of Gen Z venture capitalists to discover the rising stars making names for themselves within their own spheres.

So whether it’s through funds they founded themselves or by climbing the ranks of Silicon Valley power firms, here are the Gen Z venture capitalists making their mark on the industry, organized alphabetically by last names.

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