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Browsers may not be at the top of things you think about when you’re using your phone or computer. You rely on browsers to serve as a conduit that takes you to websites you want to visit, but how often do you consider the browser itself? Although they may seem the same, browsers are not equal in terms of what they can do for you or the privacy and security they offer users. This is the only browser you should be using on your iPhone in 2021, according to tech experts. 

Hint: It’s Not Safari 

As it turns out, the browser you choose is highly personal. Some browsers will appeal to you at first sight, while others will prove too busy or not as able to yield the types of results you want right away. When it comes to choosing the best browser for privacy and security, though, there’s some good news that will make your choice easier: one came out on top, while three more popular options faired somewhere in the middle, according to Isla Sibanda, a cybersecurity specialist with a background in ethical hacking and an entrepreneur at

“Not all browsers are created equal; especially when it comes to privacy,” Sibanda says. “The security of a browser is something that needs to be considered by every internet user; if not, there are high chances of privacy breaches and dangerous malware. There was a study by Trinity College professor Douglas Leith, where he analyzed the most popular six browsers (Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Yandex) to measure their connection to back-end servers and measure overall security. The findings definitively split the browsers into three clear groups ranging from the safest to least safe.”

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Wondering which browser you should consider switching to ASAP for security?  


“The only browser that made it to the safest group was Brave, while Chrome, Firefox and Safari were in the middle group,” Sibanda says. “That left Microsoft’s Edge and Yandex Browser as the two least safe.”


While it’s also fine to stick with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, which are the most popular and ubiquitous choices, the important thing to remember is to steer clear of the bottom two. 


“Edge and Yandex are the least safe browsers by far; “they both transfer persistent identifiers which could be used to link requests to back-end services” according to Professor Leith,” Sibanda says. “Additionally, there was no way to disable this in user settings, meaning it is best to stay away from these browsers all together. Microsoft Edge is essentially a poor version of Google Chrome with advertisements; not to mention it sends all your surfing history to Bing, to help figure out your identity. These browsers pretend to make you feel protected while laundering your information to companies for profit. If you value your privacy, you should avoid Microsoft Edge and Yandex at any cost.”

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