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It’s more of a day-one patch than anything, though

OnePlus 10 Pro (1)

After a China-exclusive launch in January, the OnePlus 10 Pro is finally a reality in the rest of the world. We already have our hands on one, and it’s worth reading our very spicy review for yourselves before you buy it. The software, in particular, is the subject of division, but users buying it can expect the same support schedule as with previous OnePlus smartphones β€” three years of major platform updates and four years of security updates. To kick things off, the company is rolling out its first patch, even while most phone owners don’t have the device yet.

As announced by the company on its forums, this initial update for the OnePlus 10 Pro has started to roll out to devices in India, to be followed shortly by European phones. It sports version number NE2211_11.A.11 in India and NE2213_11.A.12 in Europe. As you might expect for an early patch, there’s not a lot to see here β€” this firmware doesn’t come with a new security patch level or any other significant improvements. Rather, this is more of a “day one” patch, carrying just a handful of optimizations, bug fixes, and stability improvements. You can read the changelog in full right here:

  • Camera
    • [Optimized] the speed of focusing for videos shot in SLO-MO mode
    • [Optimized] the quality of taking photos in PORTRAIT mode
    • [Optimized] the white balance effect for the front camera
  • System
    • [Optimized] fingerprint algorithm and improve the success rate of fingerprint unlocking [Optimized] games performance and fluency
    • [Improved] system stability
  • Network
    • [Optimized] timeliness and stability of Wi-Fi connections, enhance Wi-Fi experience
    • [Fixed] the issue of unstable mobile signal in specific scenarios

The update should already be landing on Indian devices, so whenever your phone does arrive, you should see an update available once it’s out of the box. As always, though, the company notes it’s an incremental update that will slowly become available to everyone in waves to ensure stability. Presumably, that also applies to European phones, which should see the update “soon” β€” possibly in time for when users start getting their phones.


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