The new Elastic CEO puts cloud front and center | #cloudsecurity

The new CEO of the enterprise search software company Elastic has one priority: cloud.

“Cloud is front and center,” he told InfoWorld during a recent interview. “That is really where you should continue to see me double down.”

ashutosh kulkarni Elastic

Elastic CEO Ashutosh Kulkarni

Before taking over as CEO in January of this year, Ashutosh Kulkarni was the chief product officer at Elastic and previously served stints at content delivery and cybersecurity vendor Akamai and data management company Informatica.

Kulkarni has a tough act to follow. The previous CEO and now CTO was Elastic founder Shay Banon, who built the company behind the popular open source search and logging software into one that goes toe-to-toe with the likes of Splunk and Datadog in the realms of enterprise application performance management (APM), observability, and security information event management (SIEM).

Now the company’s fully managed Elastic Cloud brings these capabilities together into a single enterprise platform, which Kulkarni clearly sees as the engine of growth for the company.

Banon also spent years fighting off the cloud giants, especially AWS after it launched its own managed Elasticsearch service without collaborating with Elastic. The dispute only recently culminated in a trademark infringement settlement.

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