The Lenovo Tab P12 Pro is getting a new Android 12L release, but it’s not the stable version | #android | #security

Why can’t we have stable things


Google’s Pixel phones already received a stable Android 12L update, but Lenovo device owners have had to wait a bit — part of a pattern of delaying certain releases. The Lenovo Tab P12 Pro didn’t get 12L’s second beta until weeks after Pixels received it and now — a month later — the final beta is available.

According to XDA, you can now get Android 12L Beta 3 Lenovo Tab P12 Pro from the tablet maker’s website. XDA notes that it comes bundled with February 2022 security updates and the download is 1.7GB. To install it in your P12 Pro’s flash memory, simply download SW flashing packages then follow the installation and configuration instructions inside the packages. After that, download the 12L Beta 3 image and unzip it, then install it on your tablet by following the relevant steps (which are also in those flashing packages).


Lenovo has a note on the installation page that’s worth pointing out because it’s the kind of issue that could sneak up on the unwary downloader — make sure your P12 Pro is a wi-fi version and wasn’t bought in China, because the Beta 3 download could brick a device purchased there.

There’s also a rollback link provided for anyone who decides they don’t like the beta after installation. Unfortunately, it looks like any dissatisfied P12 Pro owner who downloads this software will have to wait for the rollback request to be fulfilled. XDA points out that the update doesn’t include much more than some bug fixes, so it might be less trouble to wait until the stable 12L build comes out.


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