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NO TV news programme is quite complete these days without some poor hack being dispatched to Calais.

Once there, the job is to ask all those economic migrants from Iran if they’re still going to try to come here in a dinghy.


What TV news isn’t telling you is that the government’s Rwanda scheme is workingCredit: PA

The point of this is to prove to the audience at home one thing.

That the Government’s scheme to process economic migrants in Rwanda isn’t only satanic, evil and howwible.

It also won’t work. Look, they’re still coming, is the message.

(It’s always a bloke they interview, if you notice. That’s because it’s almost entirely blokes trying to come here. Young men from Iran, mainly.)

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The Rwanda scheme has taken a pasting.

The BBC, in particular, really hates it. But then so does Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Neither Auntie nor Uncle Justin have offered any alternatives to the plan, incidentally.

Perhaps Welby is content simply to let people die as they make the perilous crossing.

But here’s a couple of things those news reports NEVER tell you. The first is that the British public is overwhelmingly behind it.

In an opinion poll almost twice as many voters agreed with sending the migrants to Rwanda as were against it. They don’t tell you that, do they?

The second thing they don’t tell you is that — whisper it — it may just be beginning to work. They certainly don’t tell you THAT.

The plan to send migrants to Rwanda is basically a deterrent to stop them coming here in the first place. So let’s look at the figures.

Last year, a total of 28,431 migrants arrived on our shores from Calais, the vast majority of them young men. That’s an average of almost 78 every day.

And this year it looked like being pretty much the same. So, for example, on April 18 — the day Home Secretary Priti Patel announced the scheme — 88 people landed on the south coast.

The following day it was 263 people in seven different boats.

But what has happened since? Here are the figures right up to

Tuesday this week:

April 20 — number arriving 0.

April 21 — number arriving 0.

April 22 — number arriving 0.

April 23 — number arriving 0.

April 24 — number arriving 0.

April 25 — number arriving 0.

April 26 — number arriving 0.

I think that spells it out pretty clearly, no?

Since the message has got out to the migrants in Calais, not a single boatload has come across the Channel. Not one.

Now, maybe it’s coincidence. But it’s a pretty remarkable coincidence if that is the case.

Why don’t our news reporters mention this? The answer is because it doesn’t support their political view of the scheme.

Incidentally, Archbishop Welby: The number of people who died crossing the Channel last year was 43, including three children.

Aren’t you pleased the Government has found a means to stop this senseless waste of life? Or is that not your primary concern?

There are still problems ahead, of course. The lawyers are involved, for a start.

And the Government has already agreed not to send gay migrants to Rwanda because the Rwandans are less kindly disposed towards homo- sexuality than are we.

So we’ll probably have loads of migrants singing Mamma Mia and camping it up for the officials.

But so far it does indeed seem to be a deterrent. Congratulations, then, Priti Patel.


WHEN I was a teenager I used to have nightmares about nuclear war.

I used to dream that the Soviet president, Leonid Brezhnev, was chasing me, personally, with an enormous nuke.

When I was a teenager I used to dream that the Soviet president, Leonid Brezhnev, was chasing me, personally, with an enormous nuke


When I was a teenager I used to dream that the Soviet president, Leonid Brezhnev, was chasing me, personally, with an enormous nukeCredit: Getty – Contributor

So I suppose if I was 18 years old now I’d probably be scared s***less.

Every few days Putin’s thuggish henchmen in the Russian media threaten the West with nuclear warfare.

And they almost always single out the UK as being the first recipients of their exciting new weapons, almost always called Satan (which makes me think it was designed by Ozzy Osbourne or some other heavy metal star).

But I’m not terribly worried. Russia today isn’t the Soviet Union. It’s half the size, for a start. And it is broke.

One glimmer of a flung nuke from Putin and his benighted country would be turned into glass by the West.

It is just more Russkie gobbiness. Compensating for a war that they have badly messed up.

But just in case, I’ve still got my Geiger counter.


OH dear. The chickens are coming home to roost a bit for Angela Rayner, aren’t they?

Labour’s deputy leader said she felt terribly upset.

A Conservative MP said she wore short skirts at Prime Minister’s Questions to . . . er . . .  distract Boris Johnson’s attention.

Just like Sharon Stone in the film Basic Instinct, where she kept crossing her legs. Allowing Michael Douglas a brief peek at her privates.

Anyway, all hell kicked off. What sexism! How disgusting!

And yet it is now reported that it may well have been Rayner herself who ADMITTED this devious strategy while chatting to MPs on the terrace at Westminster.

Let’s be hearing you, Angela. Truth is it would have been better if she’d just made a joke of the whole thing.

Risen above it. But no – she decided to wallow. And now it looks a bit hypocritical, no?


I’VE got to get my hands on the children’s book Johnny The Walrus, by a bloke called Matt Walsh.

It’s about a little boy who thinks he is a walrus.

Children’s book Johnny The Walrus by Matt Walsh is about a little boy who thinks he is a walrus


Children’s book Johnny The Walrus by Matt Walsh is about a little boy who thinks he is a walrusCredit: Not known, clear with picture desk

But he isn’t, he’s just a little boy with two wooden spoons coming out of his mouth, like tusks.

It is the perfect response to the huge amount of transgender propaganda shovelled in the way of our kids.

Book after book telling infant school children how great it is to change sex.

As you might have guessed, the big liberal online stores are trying to censor it.

A staff worker at Amazon was so upset by the book he actually cried during a company meeting.

Have some spine, you big ninny. They can’t bear to hear an opposing view, can they?

TRUTH be told I’ve never had much time for the DJ Tim Westwood, who had denied allegations from a whole bunch of women that he sexually harassed them.

All that pretending to be a real cool black dude, bruv.

Makes me cringe in embarrassment.

I’ve never really understood why Westwood hasn’t been called out on it before.

It’s like the Black And White Minstrels except without the blacking up.


I’VE never been on Twitter – although there are a few drongos on there pretending to be me (wish they’d do that when I have to take the bins out).

But I might just join up now that Elon Musk has bought it.

I may finally join Twitter now that Elon Musk has bought it


I may finally join Twitter now that Elon Musk has bought itCredit: Getty

Musk is committed to freedom of speech.

Until now, Twitter has been committed to the opposite.

Just like Facebook, it is hideously biased towards the liberals.

Stuff which liberals dislike it bans from its sites.

Shockingly, it was the likes of Twitter and Facebook that decided the outcome of the last US election.

President Trump found himself BANNED from both social media sites.

Content that was damaging to his opponent, Joe Biden, was censored.

It was an appalling and undemocratic misuse of power.

Musk has promised to put that right.

And you just know he is on the right track by the demented screeching from the liberal celebs and luvvies.

They cannot bear total freedom of speech because it means the real world intrudes on their land of make believe.

Anyway – well done, Muskie. Twitter here I come.

THINGS I never want hear any more about as long as I live, No1: Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s court battle.

I am so BORED by these entitled, thick-as-mince Hollywood luvvies.

I’d rather attend an insurance seminar than read one more thing about them.


IT’S the council elections next week.

The Tories are expecting a drubbing, for good reason.

But I suspect Labour won’t do half as well as they hope – also for good reason.

Meanwhile, the smaller parties won’t get much of a look-in when it comes to coverage.

Well, let me change that for a moment. If you’re in Middleton, in Leeds, you can break the mould.

By voting for the Social Democratic Party’s Wayne Dixon.

Absolutely top bloke, is Wayne. Middleton lad all his life, youth worker and organiser. Lovely chap.

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He’s challenging the complacent Labour Party incumbent.

So in at least one small part of the country you can make a difference by saying no to both Labour and the Tories. Give Wayne a go

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