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The Global Distributed Cloud Storage Summit (DCS 2021) was officially opened at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre in the United Arab Emirates on December 15, 2021. As a contributor and supporter of the underlying blockchain technology, Hoo was invited to attend the summit to discuss the future of the blockchain industry with other participating experts and companies. At the same time, a series of exhibits around the product matrix of Hoo will also be conducted.

This summit is a blockchain festival drawing in the best-in-blockchain industry from around the world, right in the heart of the UAE. It brings together key industry influencers, speakers, experts, and panelists from across the globe for three-day captivating keynote speeches, engaging Ted-Talk-style presentations, and insightful on-stage discussions with the core focus ranging from the enterprise as well as government adoption of Blockchain to its diversity and social impact in a fast-changing world.

Mubarak Al Shamsi, Director at the Abu Dhabi Convention and Exhibition Bureau said: “Hosting the first Distributed Cloud Storage event in the UAE and welcoming over 20,000 delegates across three days will position Abu Dhabi firmly at the forefront for innovation in the blockchain and data storage space and will also cement the return of large-scale events to Abu Dhabi’s calendar. With visitors from all over the world, DCS 2021 will boost tourism and enhance economic development. It will further increase MICE travel out of key markets in Asia and Europe, ultimately contributing to Abu Dhabi’s goal of establishing itself as a leading global MICE destination.”

It reflects the UAE’s commitment to becoming a hub of global inclusivity and conveys the values of peace and coexistence in the country and the international community. Dedication, tolerance, fairness, transparency and coincide with the development concepts of blockchain and distributed storage industries. That is also the reason why Hoo has chosen the UAE as the first step in its globalization process.

Back in 2013, the UAE launched the ‘Smart Dubai Initiative’ in a bid to improve government efficiency using blockchain technology. In 2020, Dubai released Blockchain Strategy 2020, emphasizing the need to make Dubai the ‘Blockchain Development Capital of the World’. On 22 September this year, the Dubai Securities and Commodities Authority empowered the Dubai World Trade Centre Authority to grant approvals and licenses for financial activities related to crypto assets in the jurisdiction.

The openness policy towards the crypto economy has allowed Dubai to attract numerous cryptocurrency exchanges. Hoo is one of them. A few months ago, Hoo established a partnership with the Dubai government. Using an entire office building provided by the Dubai government as its global operational center, Hoo is gradually developing its global operations from its base in the Middle East.

In addition to the policy reasons mentioned above, Dubai’s geographical advantage was also an important reason for Hoo to choose it. Dubai has a vast market based on its geography and culture that can attract the attention of users from the Arabian Peninsula and Arab countries. Moreover, Dubai’s central location in the Middle East, near to countries and regions such as Europe, Southeast Asia, and India, allows Hoo to provide services to compliant countries and regions around the world.

In the face of such a large user base, Hoo is constantly introducing new welfare policies to give its users a better experience. During this summit, Hoo has released a double benefit campaign to better welcome new users and give back to existing users

According to the official announcement, to give more users a better experience, Hoo is launching a double benefit campaign called “VIP Benefits Giveaway” and “Futures Experience Bonus Giveaway” from December 15, which is open to both new and existing users of Hoo. During the campaign period, newly registered users who complete their real name verification on the same day will be entitled to VIP2 benefits on Hoo. Registered users can enjoy Hoo VIP3 benefits by completing top-ups and other tasks. In addition, users can enjoy up to 200 USDT in experience bonus by completing Futures tasks.

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